The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 29, 2010

Day 2 (morning)

 Mornings in Estes are somber & slow.  No alarm, cuz there's no where we need to go.  We chill and kick our feet up, open the windows, throw another log in the fire and drink up the laziness sip by sip in hopes that the time will pass slow.   We allow the warm sun to seep in through the windows and alert us of the new day.  Well at least until the big sister yells at us informing us of her awaken state and proclaiming to all who are around that she NEEDS TO GO PEE.  Immediate attention is required.
Hi Sister  :-)  Do you think they like each other?
 I love this shot of Macy!  Check out those fists  :-)

After breakfast, we took the aerial tramway all the way up the mountain...
As you can see. McKenzie was very excited!
great view of the town from up above.
hurry.  run.  faster.  we've got to go find those chipmunks!
It was  WINDY up there.
Kenzie and Daddy searched high & Low...
...but the chipmunks and ground squirrels were not as abundant this year.  All of the ones who approached McKenzie (with her brown bag of peanuts) already had FULL cheeks.  Bummer...oh well, she had fun hunting them down anyway.  She even whipped out her butterfly net, 
flashlight & magnifying glass
 ...but to no avail.
 as you can see, Macy is having a BALL!  :-(   trying to keep her out of the blazin' sun.
Since the local wildlife was not cooperating, we had to come up with our own fun.
Joe was having a random conversation with some guy with a TCU shirt on about the CWS - after connecting a few dots, come to find out this guy, Craig, is also an MLC alum.  Too funny.  He was even in Joe's fraternity (Kappa Phi) back in the mid 80's.  Small world!
After we came back down the mountain we hit up one of our favorite lunch spots...Poppy's Pizza! 
 I have begun to appreciate places that are kid-friendly.  All it takes is a nice view, a baby-changing station, crayons, a large format coloring sheet (or at least some salt packets will do).  Is that too much to ask??  While you are at it kid-friendly cups with lids & straws are nice too.  Poppy's has got it all!  Oh, and it helps to have yummy food as well.  :)
I love watching my girls love each other  :-)
  Now back to the you think they'll get in a good nap (so that we can nap too??) 

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  1. I love the pictures of Macy and McKenzie sitting in the chair together. I think I have some similar pictures of Megan and Andrea when they were that age. Don't blink - time will go by so fast!