The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 5, 2010

Birthday Breakfast

SHE's 3!!
McKenzie and I went to Mimi's for her Birthday Breakfast...and Daddy skipped out of the office to join us for a bit as well :-) All the while Grandpa hung out with Little Macy on the porch, beautiful morning! (not so beautiful afternoon - it was a hot/sticky day yesterday).
McKenzie - Daddy and and I are so proud of the big girl you have become. What a good helper you are too (most of the time). You are so smart (we can't get nothin' by you). You can count to 20 (okay so sometime's you forget the number 15, but hey, it counts). You have known your alphabet for a long time now (and I will always sing with you "next time", thanks for asking). I am impressed with, and Macy loves, all the nursery rhymes you sing and fairy tales you recite. Aside from these "memorized" things, I mostly love listening to your imagination at work. You are quite the story teller. Oh the things that come out of toddler's mouths. Where do you get this stuff?? :-) One of the biggest feats of your "2's" is potty-training! Whoo-hoo! Thank the Lord, the girl wears "big girl panties". Sure, there will still be a few accidents here & there...but I suppose that's expected...all in all WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU SWEETHEART!!
We didn't have a candle, but we did have a CRAYON! Even though you thought this was silly, you still pretended it was a candle and "blew" it out :-) Thanks for for playing along.
mmmm Mimi's blueberry muffins!
All the kid wants is Milk makes for a very unhappy girl (and daddy).
stompin' around in the puddles (hey, it's your birthday and you can STOMP if you want to).
who needs presents when you've got 100% all natural rain puddles. I think we still have the receipt, not too late to return those expensive birthday gifts :-)
My Big Girl

McKenzie has been talking about her June Birthday Party for several months now. She's got pretty big expectations, I sure do hope I don't let her down. She's been inviting (and uninviting) people everyday. Sadly, she uses it as a negotiation tool with me. "you no come my party mom!" tear. One day we were in the car and she asked me "We go to my birthday Party now"? and I said "no, not yet, Your parties in June". "oh" she said "then we better go find it"! When we got home, she asked Grandpa where June is? She was searching all around the house. Grandpa was puzzled at first, but it didn't take him long to start playing along....long story short, he somehow convinced McKenzie that her cousin Ally TOOK HER JUNE! as she and Brook had stopped by the house earlier that day :-( oh, was she mad! "We tell her mommy" she scourned. Now that Ally had her big 2 year party a couple weeks ago, McKenzie now has her "june" back. We are looking forward to her big 'ole "Butterfly Birthday" Party tomorrow :-) Complete with butterfly cupcakes (per her request).

Gotta get the house cleaned up for my college friend Al's wedding shower I am hosting today...then we can make way for the 3 year old party!!! Let's get it started :-)

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