The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 11, 2010

Oh yeah, this Momma's still got it!

Some of our Texas relatives were in town, so my parents invited all the Lee's out to the lake for some fun, sun and family togetherness :-)
And oh yeah...I Ski'd! Let's just say it's been a while :-). I was pregnant with Macy all last it's been about two years!
Got up on the first try! Not bad for an almost 30 year old right?? :)
Didn't even get my hair wet. No wedgie, contacts still in place and make-up still applied nicely...I'd say it was a success. haha
Kevin, Dylan & Colton barely holding on!
Erika, McKenzie and Toninette on the boat :-)
"Look mom I'm a butterfly"
That's a lot of Lee's
My Aunt Jodeen and her sister Toninette meet Little Miss Macy for the first time!

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  1. We had a blast at the lake - tell your parents we were thrilled to be invited! I loved meeting your sweeties! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!