The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 29, 2010

Day 1 (morning) Estes Park, CO

Kenzie and Macy enjoying the car ride to Estes.

I'm not gonna lie, the DVD player sure was a life saver by about hour 4.
Being up here, so close and personal to all of God's amazing creations and breathing in the fresh, crisp mountain air is just what the doctor ordered!  It is simply serene...
                                  ....Who am I kidding?
I suppose it's not quite as serene as it used to be before we were a family of four!  This is our 5th stay at Gayle's mountain retreat (4th for McKenzie - 1st for Macy.)

 Macy wrestles with the same Polar Bear McKenzie always wrestled with!  she had so much fun  :-)  
It's difficult to put it into words just how amazing it is to experience the Rocky Mountain beauty through the eyes of our children...this morning we moseyed on down to Lake Estes and enjoyed a picnic by the water.
The quilt we are sitting was made by Macy & McKenzie's Great Grandma Harnisch.  Isn't it beautiful!
 McKenzie LOVES her magnifying glass...she is searching for butterflies  :)
Little Miss Macy basking in the sun!
 uh oh..."Who pooped in the park"?
McKenzie and Daddy skippin' rocks.
  Kenzie had a fun time exploring
and playing in the park!
Macy's first time EVER in a swing!
It might not appear to be the case, but she's having a great time.  I promise.
We even rented one of these really fun family  bike deally-bobs.
It was a HOT morning.  According to the local news this day was the hottest day this area has seen since August 2008 (2 years).  Us Nebraskans weren't too fazed by this heat as there was virtually no humidity.  No big deal really!

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