The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 16, 2010

Just another "McKenzie & Mommy" Monday

We had another “McKenzie and Mommy Monday” (All the while Macy hung out with with Joy).

On the agenda for the day: 3-yr well baby check, lunch date @ Runza, Dentist appointments (Kenzie said that her teeth are pretty and clean & mommies are ugly and dirty :-( ) tear, then she got a haircut, we ended our afternoon with a trip to visit Grandpa in Waterloo, followed by volleyball.

Aside from coming home with another antibiotic to treat her chronic (may be a food allergy – that’s a whole other post) skin condition…It was a good doc appointment. Oh and she weighs 33.4 lbs and is in the 75th percentile of height and weight…atta girl! J

We had some time to kill between the pediatrician and dentist appt, so we decided to stop and play for a bit :-)

We drive past this waterfall on Blondo Street just about every day, it’s about time we park the car, get out, skip some rocks and snap a few pics. Kenzie had a blast, she even saw a butterfly!! Doesn’t take much to entertain a 3 year old J

"check out all those bootiful lillies" she said.
"here you go mom"..."for you" :-)
I tried to get her to look at me for another picture...
...but we only had a few minutes and she was way too busy throwing rocks and hunting for butterflies...
"I think I see one!!"
"It's swimming in the water" she told me. I loved listening to her play-by-play. she has an amazing imagination!

Here are some pics from the impromptu trip to the beauty salon.
The secret to getting a 3 year old to sit still?? SKITTLES!!! works every time...orrr at least this time...
Before going into fantastic Sam's she pointed out this gal who was standing outside and said “Look mom, that is a beautiful lady, she has pink hair, isn’t that neat mom?”
Little did we know she was about to get her hair done by this very lady.
She sat soo still...what a good girl. She would NEVER do this for. It was well worth the $12.
McKenzie was impressed to see that even her hair dryer and curling iron were also pink!
I asked McKenzie if she wanted pink hair too…she surprisingly said no and chuckled. Too funny!

Next, we ventured west to Waterloo to pay Grandpa Lee a visit. He has had a few long days and nights keeping an eye on the Elkhorn River. Below is a pic just north of Maple Street near the Middle School. pretty sure this used to be a corn field :-(
what a MESS! I have never seen the Elkhorn River flood like least in my 29 years & 361 days of life (that's right - do the math - 4 days until my 30th B-Day!!! woot-woot)

As a town board member and volunteer firefighter my dad has made a commitment to keeping his town and the people of his town safe (and this week, dry). We are proud of you Grandpa!

WOWT ran a great news story featuring the Waterloo and Valley volunteer efforts, check it out…

Today, however, he's taking a much needed break and is resting with his favorite person (Macy). And good news to report...the flood water is beginning to recede.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of McKensie! Love the blue eyes!