The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 24, 2010

Playgroup @ Kenzie's house!

Another D.S. Supermom's playdate:
McKenzie was disappointed that she could not meet up with her buddies last weekend out at Lake Zorinsky (as you recall it was raining & Macy had pneumonia), so she decided she wanted to invite everyone over to her house this past Monday.
As you can see we had a great turnout. Lots of fun! Steph, Jessie, Casie, Lindsey and Buffy all came with their kids in tow.
Do you see Vollen up above in the green shirt? Can you believe he just had heart surgery just a few days prior? He is such a champ and got through it with flying colors. That kid is incredible! He just turned 1 recently and is getting SOOO close to out world, here comes Vollen!

Jessie with her little guy Wesley. These guys have been through a lot in these 9 short months since he was born...just last week they tested him once again for leukemia. Keep praying that those results to come back favorable.
Casie is cuddling with our new friend Evie. I am so glad that Lindsey and Evie were able to come and meet everyone. It was a joy having them here!

Evie, Macy and Vollen chit-chatin'
Evie has a photographer who follows her cool is that! Brian is a professional photographer who is doing a story on her first year of life. It is a miracle that Evie is here with us today as the medical professionals were not certain she could sustain life outside the womb. Before she was born they diagnosed her with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. She was born in September 2009, has had many ups and downs, but all-in-all has been doing well. Evie has a bone disease called Hypophosphatasia, which is extremely rare, and has been undergoing a clinical trial since she was 2 months old. Her mommy and daddy are now preparing for her upcoming surgery which is scheduled next month. They are going to cut Evie's scalp from one ear to the other, remove the bones across her forehead, reassemble them with dissolvable plates and screws, and put it all back in. This should relieve the pressure that is building up on her brain. Please pray for this sweet sweet girl!
Here is a link to her blogpage. Her mom seeks comfort in expressing her emotions and getting her thoughts out of her head (much like me). Lindsey, you're blog is amazing and pure. So many people love your little Evie and appreciate being kept in the loop on how she (and the rest of your family) is getting by.

Wesley, Evie and Macy posin' for their pictures :-)

soooo biiiig Vollen just loved playing with all of Steph's kiddos. They are all so sweet. Here Vollen is pulling Lincoln's hair. There's rockstar Jagger in the background, gotta love the "pimp" shirt. tehe.
oh McKenzie, has to be RIGHT by Macy - quite the protector. Kind of ruined a good shot, but oh well, what can ya do?
Buffy's little guy Ryan was apparently having a tea party! :-)
Macy was kind of a party pooper and dozed off. "Too much excitement for me" she says.
Toby, of course, right in the middle of all the action
I think it is so funny how kids can have every toybox and basket emptied within a few minutes of entering a room...truly an artform. All the little ones played and got along so well!
Macy tells Evie that she hopes to see her again soon.

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  1. Sweet! How does one get invited to the "A" list party?