The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To my husband on Father’s Day

I know what you’re thinking. . .
An Airplane Oxygen mask?
What kind of gift is this?

It’s quite simple really.

I want this mask to serve as a reminder of how important our marriage is to me and that our marriage comes first. WE should come ahead of our children because it is the foundation on which our family rests. As long as WE are okay, our kids will BE okay.
So, I’d like to share with you this analogy between the airplane oxygen mask and OUR marriage.
You know the airline industry adage “put the oxygen mask on yourself first”? While it may be important during a plane crash to remain conscious in order to take care of your kids, in everyday life it's equally important!
But the truth inside this message is that if you are not taking good care of yourself, you certainly won’t have much to give your children, or anyone else for that matter.
You know how you feel when you are not taking care of yourself! Grumpy, exhausted and easily frustrated. You aren’t able to be as present and loving with your family as you would like to be. Your mind races through the lists of things you need to get done – so on and so forth.
“In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure,” the airline flight attendant will say, “oxygen masks will descend from the ceiling. If you have a small child traveling with you, secure your mask before assisting with theirs.”

This is exactly how we should view our marriage. We need to give oxygen (attention) to each other to keep our marriage strong so that we will stay together to effectively parent our children as a united team.

Should we encounter turbulence during our flight of “life” (and I am quite certain there will be plenty), because of our strong bond, we can handle it!

So, yes, this Father’s Day, I am giving you an oxygen mask. Take care of YOURSELF first. As a result, we’ll be better, happier parents.

Please also be sure to enjoy this OWH College World Series commemorative book (get out, go to more games – Tonight at 6 is a good start) and make good use of this Massage Envy gift card (SOON. You deserve it)! Get to the Golf course more :)

Joe, you are the most giving and selfless person I know. This is one of the many things I love about you...I know you would do absolutely anything for your baby girls. Macy & McKenzie are your world, but try to put yourself first every now and again.

Your loving wife,


PS - I also want to give a shout out to my dad! It is impossible for me to find words that appropriately describe how amazing he is!! I love you dad, you truly are the best dad a girl could have!!

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