The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 2, 2010

Hot Air Balloons!!!

So Monday night. We just got home from the lake. The cars unloaded. I was just starting to unpack the bags and cooler. Dinner's cookin'. I had not yet cleaned the sand off of McKenzie. And the phone rings. It's Grandma Lee...she tells me that 5 vehicles just pulled up on her know what that means? We've got about 15 minutes until lift off. At first I was thinking uggggh :-( NOOO I am pooped from a long weekend and I am seriously about 10 minutes away from clean, calm & cuddly girls. I wanted to call it a night. After about 4 seconds of deliberations, what did we do?? We threw the girls in the car, grabbed the burgers off the grill. turned off the stove, momma's Brussels sprouts can wait...Within 4 minutes we were hanging out in Grandma and Grandpa's front yard waiting for the Hot Air Balloons take off!!!
There they are!
And we wait.
Still waiting patiently as several neighbors gather around to view the spectacular event as well.
I must say that we've got the BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE
FRONT ROW VIEW from G & G Lee's front yard! As you can see I am a hot mess, still in my lake clothes, but who cares right? both the girls are still in their swimsuits...check out Macy's bikini :-)
Aww sweet big sister tells little sister all about the big balloons.
You see this is not her first time watching the balloons take off from the field across the street.

Yay, "look Grandpa, its getting bigger and higher"!
"fly. fly. high in the SKY"!
uh oh it's a little out of control...keep 'er steady.
There ya go.
Wait for it...
And we've got LIFT OFF!!!!!!
"Look Mommy, it's going high in the sky!" :-) child is in heaven.
The Sun is beaming! What a gorgeous night for hot air balloons!
Grandpa and McKenzie go in for a closer look.
Wow, what a LUCKY of the "balloon guys" walked over and gave McKenzie a balloon. That was soo very sweet, she was smiling from ear to ear...she thought that was pretty special indeed.
I love this silhouette shot of Grandpa and Kenzie
tellin' stories. Grandpa got to go up in a balloon last year. The pictures he took from up in the sky were amazing. I think it would be SOOOO fun to take McKenzie up for a ride someday. Someday soon perhaps :-)
okay, so perhaps I did not NEEED to take and actually post 30 photos, but I was having a hard time choosing the ones I liked best...I like them's my blog and I can do what I want to! hehe :-)
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for alerting us to the balloon arrivals. Consider us always "ON CALL" when it comes to Hot Air Balloon takeoffs. :-) Until next time...

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  1. What a fabulous end to a great weekend for you!