The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 29, 2010

Day 1 (afternoon) Estes Park, CO

We attempted a nap back at the cabin, but the toddler was SO not having that?  Bummer :(.
We headed downtown Estes and McKenzie got to watch a real life glass-blower in action...pretty cool, except for the fact that I could not take my eyes off of the 3 year old in the glass shop for two seconds. Pretty sure the "you break it-you buy it" policy would apply here!
 Next we ate some Mexican cuisine at Casa Grande.
I love walking around Elkhorn Avenue and looking in all the local shops.  Never gets old, I appreciate the small town entrepreneurial spirit that exists here. :). Plus, there are TONS of candy, salt-water taffy and ice cream shops.  We stopped at the one that sells Texas' finest Blue Bell ice cream.  
 I'm not exactly sure why, but McKenzie wanted nothing to do with her "birthday cake" ice cream cone.  Seriously, it's BIRTHDAY cake, what's not to love about that??  Crazy kid.  Oh well, two for me!
 Off in the distance, you could not miss the forest fire just on the other side of the mountain.  WOW!  What a sight!  Very surreal indeed.  below is the view from downtown.
 We even had a great view of the billowing smoke from Gayle's cabin.  It was especially surreal to see planes flying over the area with large buckets of water hanging below.

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