The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 21, 2010


4 words. My. sister's. are. CRAZY!

I was down in the Old Market Saturday night, celebrating the recent marriage of my friends Jenny and Nate. We had just finished up with a delicious dinner at Vincenzo's and were having a scavenger hunt competition...I was minding my own business when all of the sudden a strange text message was sent to my iPhone (from my dear sister Heather). I had a difficult time making it out. WTF?And then, not too much longer, I received an email notification that I was tagged in some photos on facebook...hmmm...BUSTED!!!
Yep, Heather, Keri and Lisa had conspired to trash the front of my home as well as my yard. heather and Keri "did the deed", while Lisa and Jim got made sure we got out of the house for a few hours.
And do you see the writing on my car? It has not been confirmed, but I am quite certain this has my neighbors hand-prints all over it! Thanks Lynn & Lynette :-)
The landscaping too?
I'm not sure if they intended for me to find out later that night when I got home...but I got news when I was away. I think it made it even MORE Funny. When I got the text, I was like "Joe, look at our house..OMG, this is our house...they got our house"!They even involved the babysitter (my niece Erika) and the Cooke kids. Seriously? you brought the kids into it? From what I understand McKenzie had a tough time accepting this behavior. I guess she kept telling her aunts that the Toilet paper needs to stay IN the house. Not outside the house!
Look at that sweet innocent look on Macy's face. 'What happened Mom"..."I tried to stop them, really, I did!".
From what I understand, Erika was quite impressive in the Art T.P'ing. hmmm
These are the masterminds behind it all!
You nerds. You know that you are! but this is one of the reasons I love you!
In a strange and kind of odd way, this interesting gesture of "home vandalization" actually made me feel loved :-)
The Adirondack chair.
Wow, that's a lot of work!
This Martini glass was so funny!
McKenzie assessing the damage early the next morning. Poor thing, we made her clean it all up, since she was "guilty by association".
The Toilet Paper "touch" would have been funny, if you would not have raided all four of our bathrooms and practically used up every roll. used up all the paper towels too. haha! Who does that? Thankfully, Heather stopped over the next morning a re-stocked our supply. tehe It was the least she could do!
Thank you to EVERYONE who sent me a Birthday wish - I was overwhelmed by the outpoutring of wishes this year :-). I appreciated very much each and every email, text message and card. Your kind words mean the world to me!


  1. It was fun and yes we do LOVE you Sherri!

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