The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 7, 2011

McKenzie's 4yr Party (part 2...PINATA!!!!)

Pinata FUN had by all  :-)
 The big kids gathered around ready to get the competition started.
 Macy got to go first!  Cousin Erika gives her a boost.
 Love this, way to go Harrison (and Jessica for flailing his little body around ensuring he gets a good "hit" in).
 Sam's turn!
 Ally takes a crack at it.
 McKenzie trying to cheat by removing her blind fold.
 Anna has a swing & a miss.
 everybody scoots back when Brook's hands are on the bat...hehe
 Dalton had VERY good form.
 the little kids watch as Danielle takes a big swing.
 Colton demonstrating his skills.
 Dylan was up last.
 Even his powerhouse swings were no match to the all-might ice cream pinata.
 He gave it several big hits, but to no avail.
 now let's try without the blind-fold.
 The Birthday girl gets to go again.
 I think we're going to have to work on her form & technique this summer.
 no daughter of mine is going to throw or hit like a "girl".
 cousin Dani gives it another try.
 check out that face of fierce determination
 Dalton concentrates before taking another shot at it.
 Whoa, I'm certainly not going to get in between Brook's bat and a pinata...check out that face.  :-)
 now we're starting to get somewhere.
 I must admit...the pinata won out!  It was getting to hot to carry on any longer.  FORFEIT...Uncle Joe held the honors of dumping the remainder of the goods.
 McKenzie was first to dive in.
 geesh, talk about scavengers.
Brook was satisfied with his stash of loot.

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  1. What was the pinata made of? Cement? Love the pics, how long did it take to break it open?