The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 11, 2011

And she STANDS!!

Macy (@ 17&1/2 months old) accomplished something for the baby book today (which, in case you have not yet noticed is this blog - it publishes into the perfect hardbound book)...


For eight whole seconds. Several times this morning at the hotel pool here in Texas. In front of our whole family of spectators. :)  It was not my intention to post a blog while on vaca....but this was certainly a BLOG-WORTHY moment.  One that can NOT wait until we get back home...

We can not be more proud of our little peanut!!!
I think she'll be ready to cut a rug at Terry & Allye's wedding tonight.

Below is a video clip of her fourth attempt.

Space Shuttle Macy has been cleared for take-off!
This is history in the making folks - coming to you live from Houston, TX.


"One small step for Macy - one giant milestone for for the memory book".

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