The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 7, 2011

Sleepovers and impromptu trips to the lake

These are two things my four year old says we are going to be doing a LOT of this summer.  
Okay, sounds good to me!  :-)  
but you've gotta be a good girl 
(it's good to have something to negotiate with)
Last week we had cousin Anna sleepover...
 eatin' some lunch.
 How does ANYone say no to this adorable face...not me.  At least not that much  :)
 Fun with bubbles in the driveway...Macy LOVES watching those big girls play.
  She gets super worked up when a bubble comes within her reach.  Stretches all four limbs as high in the air as she can, while her little body just shakes with excitement,   :-)
 Wow, Kenzie, that was a GOOD one!

The next day, we ventured out to Woodcliff with cousins and this time brought along some neighbor friends as well.  It was a gorgeous, perfectly over-cast day  :-)  A nice relief from the previous scorchers we had the days prior!
 Lauren, Hannah, Dylan and Ally await their turn on the tree swing.  Brook shows them how it's done!
 Pulling up to the sand hill.
 This is always a no fail, effective way to drain some energy out of the kiddos.  Keep goin' guys...UP & DOWN, UP & DOWN, UP & DOWN!  Up & Down until their little legs just can't keep on "keepin' on any longer.  hehehe
 Lifeguard Macy watches over the kids swimming in the lake.
 "uop...just about had to jump in after one", Macy says...but luckily he had his life jacket so she didn't have to go in for the rescue afterall  :)
 "Just another day."
She was a hot sandy was best to just strip 'er down, dip 'er in and let 'er be  :-)
And she's out!  Ally naps on her momma's lap...SUCCESS!!!
We can go home now...our job here is done  :-)

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