The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 18, 2011

Galevston - The girls' first time at the Ocean! pt 1

After the Lee Family BBQ in Houston, we packed up the Harnisch Family Truckster and headed South to Galveston.  It was a peaceful, quiet and serene way to finish out the fun-filled, crazy day.  Both girls were passed out HARD in the back seat.  Their soothing snores were music to mommy & daddy's ears  :-)  I could sit & listen to that rhythmic melody ALL day long.  If only we could bottle it up and sell it...we'd be RICH!
Just as we arrived to the bridge that crosses the bay, we stopped for gas and the girls awoke.  It was perfect timing.  
 This is the expression (forever captured in time) of McKenzie's face when she caught that first glimpse of the ocean!  :-)  She was quite impressed.  Speechless in fact.  When we'd ask her questions about it, she just just give us a smile & a nod.  Would not take her eyes off the water as to not miss out on anything as the car continued driving over the big bridge.
This is the beach house that played host to us.  It'll do  :-)  It boasted great views of the Gulf of Mexico from atop those decks!  A big thanks to Uncle Dan for hooking us all up with this great find.
After arriving and getting somewhat settled, we all separated in search of food & such.  The Cooke's went to The West End Grill up the road for some eats.  The Mallory's & Witt's drove a few miles East in search of a grocery store and brought home some Subway for dinner.  Joe and I went to the teeny supermarket across the street to stock the fridge with snacks, breakfast items, beverage essentials, etc...And then met up with The Cooke's at the West End Grill for some drinks & eats.  Grandma & Grandpa Lee just wanted to stay back, relax and enjoy their new ocean view form the patio.
After FINALLY getting all the restless kiddos snug in their beds, us adults partook in some good old-fashioned family bonding.  Played some pranks, drank some drinks.  At around 1:00am, we decided it would be a good idea to take a walk on the beach and have a little dip in the ocean (NO, not that kind of dip!).  Good times, good times.  No worries.  I have no pics!  :-)  These memories are just for us!
 The next morning...getting ready to head out for a day at the beach.
 oh.  HA!  This was Macy's sleeping quarters.  We didn't have a crib or pack-n-play, but we knew she would be PERFECTLY content corralled in the corner of our room.  No way was she able to trek over these big ol' suitcases.  She was as snug as a bug in a rug  :-)  
All of us families had our rooms, but Grandma & Grandpa Lee still chose to sleep outdoors on the deck.  YUP, that's right.  Under the moonlight  :-)  They claim it was perfectly peaceful and just right!
 We caravaned in search of a good beach to settle at for the day.  Checked this one out...but we all agreed it was too seaweedy...back to the cars we go.
We checked out at least 10 public access points before finding the best one!
We learned that due to the unseasonable and abnormally hot temps & dry air that the seaweed was really bad this year along the beach lines...oh well.  No biggie.  An oceans an ocean afterall...and the kids didn't mind it one bit.  Afterall, it's not like they knew any different yet anyways  :-)
 Kenzie's got her beach toys in tow and is ready to play for the day!
 Dylan, doing what Dylan does best, trying to catch some fish.  I believe all his was able to snag was a few minnows.  whew, that's good!
 Macy and Erika checkin' out the water.
 She held on pretty tight at first, but was certainly not scared one bit.
 Here she is snuggling close and pinching Erika's arms...sorry if she gave you bruises!
 Keri and Anna  :-)
 There, it didn't take long for Macy to loosen up and start enjoying the water.
She didn't even mind when the salt water accidentally splashed in her face.
 Grandma swinging Anna in the waves  :-)
 Joe, Kenzie, Anna & Grandma Lee.
 makin' sand castles!
 attempting to at least. :-)
 Brook, doing what Brook does best, telling far-fetched stories in his high very dramatic high-pitched voice  :-)  I just love him.
 Heather & Danielle
 More of Erika & Macy checking out the water...

 Me and my beach babe!
 This girl was in heaven here!

 I can't help it...she's edibly adorable  :-)

 I love her teeth in this pic.
 Ally and her momma heading for the water...
 Maddi feeding the seagulls.  Or whatever crazy birds they were....
 oohhh.  macy LOVED playing with the seaweed.  hehe

 YAY, she's standing!!!  Only took 20 takes to get this shot  :-)
 stand up macy...stand up to reach can do it!
 The girls fighting over the boogie board.  This is of course, a not uncommon occurrence between cousins.  They all fight like they're sisters  :-)
 looks like the worked it out!
 Macy's foot hanging out of the stroller.  She took a nice long nap in the shade from the sun.
 Grandma & Grandpa Lee watching from afar.
 Run Kenzie, RUN!
 aww, just look at that cute little old couple sitting in the water  :-)
 McKenzie pretending to sleep on the sandbar.
 Uncle Dave catching some rays...sure hope he applied an adequate amount of sunscreen!  He's from Texas, so he should know better, I'm sure he was just fine  :-)
 Baby grace sunbathing on the beach
 Dalton throwing some seawood up to the birds.
 My adorable nephew Dalton.
 Time to go home...we had one VERY wiped out little girl!
But we had to catch a few more "bird" shots before heading out...
 Kevin & Colton getting lost in the sea of birds.
 winding down at the beach house - before heading into the city for dinner.  Thanks Aunt Patty for all the fun crafts for the kids, they loved them!
 watching storm stories...
I think this photo pretty well sums up how we were feeling and describes our condition that evening. OUCH!
but seriously, thank god for Aloe Gel  :-)
 Had a nice dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.  Macy stayed back with Grandma & Grandpa.
McKenzie, once again, being OH SO cooperative!  
Then we took a nice long drive to wind the kids down, stopped at Ben & Jerry's, and it was early to bed for us all  :-)
We very much enjoyed our first day in Galveston.

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