The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 2, 2011

T-Minus 2 days until the big 4

Yep, the day is drawing near...
McKenzie, Anna, Macy and I went out to run Birthday party errands all day yesterday.  We had a fun time and got just about everything we need for the party  :-)  Can't wait!!
Below are some pics of McKenzie modeling her "party dress" for the big day.  She picked it out ALL by herself.
 this was the first time slapping my new logo on a pic  :-)  hehe  I'm quite proud to "claim" this one I must say.  After a few adjustment, I finally got the manual settings just right to capture her bright blue eyes in the early evening sun!

 Don't ya just love her special tutu dress??  Looks like the party just might have an "ice cream cone" theme of sorts  :-)

 silly silly girl

 Checking out the beautiful peony bush growing in the front yard.  This was a housewarming gift from G&G Harnisch 3 years ago and it is FINALLY blooming for the first time!  :-)
 It's HUGE!  And PINK...we LOVE it  :-)
 Kenzie looks so grown up in this pic...where HAS the time gone??

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