The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 19, 2011

**Grandpa Lee GUEST POST** - Baby Macy's Way

I am pleased that my dad has felt moved to post yet another entry to our Harnisch Family Blog Page  :-)

In his words...

As we all gathered in Great-Grandpa's bedroom yesterday
Saying our last hello's
I thought I was holding Macy in my arms
But I had this feeling she was holding me

This feeling led the way for writing about other things Macy has shown me


Some babies squeeze you tight
They cling to you
to soothe themselves
when something's not right

Some babies squeeze you tight
and hug you hard
to comfort you
when something's not right

 Macy, You comfort me

 Some babies take food
from your hand
and put it
in their mouth

Some babies take food
from your hand
and put it
in your mouth

Macy, You nourish me

Some babies hold our finger
as they learn to walk
You lead the way
as they follow

Some babies pull your finger
When they take their first steps
They lead the way
For you to follow

Macy, You move me
Macy & holding Great Grandpa Salisbury's hand

Some babies smile
after you poke, tease and prod
They giggle, laugh and coo
When looking at you

Some babies smile
After they mess in your mouth
Poking your teeth
Pulling your lips shaping your face

Macy, you make me smile

I Love Your Way 
P.S.  As Father's Day nears
I am thankful to You, all your cousins, aunts and uncles
That have chosen to fly down from Heaven
Like a flock of guardian Angels
To roost in my barn.
All you guys comfort me, nourish me, move me, and make me smile.

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