The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 28, 2010

Back to the Doc

We've had a pretty good, low key week.  We've been intentionally laying low, due to Macy's cough, runny nose and raspy breathing.  It's not a deep cough or an extremely runny nose, but I certainly do not want it to get worse so we have slowed the schedule down a bit.  Plus, daddy was out of town all week for work, so even more reason to just take it easy...I even post-poned a couple playdates, bummer  :-(  But we don't need to get those LITTLE babes sick.  Also, my cousin gave birth to a baby girl a few days ago...can't wait to get over there sometime next week and meet baby Grace!!  Congrats Ryan and Ali!
Soo, We've been enjoying our neighborhood parks and have taken lots of walks due to this amazing weather!  Dare I say it feels like early fall?  LOVIN' IT!
We have also had quite a bit of cousin time.  McKenzie had a ball playing with cousin's Ashlynn, Autumn & Mason.  Macy even got a pedicure by Ash (Shelly, I need those pics  :-).  It's still lookin' together with Brook and Ally a couple times.   Had fun at the Waterloo Park...well kinda...Kenzie's skin got all blotchy, turns out Brook's did too.  Weird.  Nothing a long "Oatmeal" bath soak and hydro cortisone cream couldn't soothe though.   whew.  Macy enjoyed her first slide ride.  Thanks Grandpa...I think she had fun.  hehe   below is a little video of her 1st ride on the slide!

McKenzie had another gymnastics class Thursday night with Cousin Anna, her friend Lyla and many other new friends.  She loves her teachers and has soo much fun there.  She talks my ear off all about it for several hours afterwards.  :-)
oh and I completed the design for the "MovinWithMacy" Buddy Walk Team shirts...check it out!
I am placing my final order Monday, so let me know TODAY of you want one and what size you want  $10.00  :-)
I initially wanted a BRIGHT pink color.  that would have really stood out and made a statement...but I thought I'd got with something a bit more gender neutral.   shucks!

Due to the fact that Macy still has this persistent cough.  It's not getting any worse, but it's certainly not going we scheduled an appointment with her doc.  Plus her breathing is getting a little more raspy.  He wrote us a scrip for another anitbiotic, but we decided to wait through the weekend to see if (hopefully) it get's better on it's own.  I HATE ANTIBIOTICS!  And Macy has already been on more than any 8 month old should be  :-(  oh and YES...she is 8 months OLD today...happy B-Day Macy!  As you can see, we really do celebrate every milestone.
While at the doc we also discussed her "eye roll" situation.  She has been doing this for more than 4 weeks now.  It's not becoming much more frequent, but each "episode" is lasting longer, around 2 to 3 seconds or so.  Which, again, doesn't seem like a long time...but long enough I'd say!  Can't pin point an exact rhyme or reason or see any solid trend to link it to.  She almost always arches her back and sometimes brings her hands up and rubs her eyes during and for a short time afterwards...
We've already had three docs examine her.  This time she actually did it a few times for the her pediatrician to see first hand.  Which helps him wrap his brain around it a little more.  We also had several iPhone video clips from home I could show him.  Actually, below are a couple clips from in the doc office yesterday while Daddy was holding her (she did it about 12 times in the 2 hour time period we were there). I was debating as to whether or not I should post these videos, but why not?  If anyone has any theories as to what this could be and why she is doing this, please chime in.

The next step...he is, once again, now that there's kind of a new development, going to talk to Macy's Pediatric Opthamologist first thing Monday.  I will send the 7 short videos I have to him and hopefully he can provide us with some answers or at least theories.  We may even go ahead and schedule an appointment with a neurologist, just to get a closer inside look.  I think I am probably being optimistically naive, but I am confident this is just some strange tic and she will grow out of it soon!
On another note, Macy's Therapy has been going very well.  She truly is an all-star in terms of strength and mobility.  We are still working on getting closer to pulling her tummy off the ground and bringing those arms and legs forward into a "crawling position".  She'll get there   :-)
We have been doing some Oral Motor Therapy.  Her tongue has been a source of frustration to me as of late...protruding a lot more and has really been giving me trouble when I try to spoon feed her.  I just can't seem to get a spoon around or ON her tongue.    :-(  Lucy has given us a couple useful mouth instruments and tongue brush kind of thing to stimulate tongue movement and hopefully strengthen it it a bit.  She responds well to this.  It will get better as we work to strengthen her jaw and facial muscles.
I have also learned, from her pediatrician, that there will be times, as she grows, that her tongue will be slightly larger than her mouth.  It is my understanding that this may happen off and on as her tongue and jaw grow at different rates and at different times.  Interesting.
okay, well we are off to cousin Ashlynn's Volleyball game...then off to celebrate my friend Nikki's 30th B-Day.  It's gonna be a good day  :-)
Have a great weekend y'all!! 

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