The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 30, 2010


Oh my goodness, make it stop!!  :-)  I love and appreciate my little McKenzie's inquiring soul...but if she asks "WHY" one more time...aaagghh...I am running out of creative answers.  Believe it or not, I do NOT know everything.  I am trying hard not to just reply with "because", but she's like a broken record sometimes, using this word at least 63 times a day.  She has an impressive wide range of topics she NEEDS to know everything about.  I suppose, being a journalist at heart myself, I understand her inquisitiveness.   :-)
I've gotta say that I do love this book very much. Along with Fancy Nancy, Ella B. Bella Dr. Suess, etc...this is among OUR favorites.  It delves deep into 100's of topics and really gets her (and my) wheels a turnin'.  It comes in handy when she asks questions about complex topics like storms, volcanoes, planes, various machines, boats, hot air balloons, etc...

Now for a "WHY NOT"...

Kenzie spilled some crumbs on the dining room rug.  I felt the need to vacuum.  Being the over-achiever (that I am usually not in the world of crumbs - I usually just let Toby handle the crumbs), I decided to move the table and chairs and give it a THOROUGH cleaning.  In my attempt at being a "clean freak" I was becoming very frustrated with the fact that my dog and toddler would NOT get out of my and the vacuums way.  MOVE.  NOW!  :-(.  Move they would not.  Kenzie just kept smiling in a cheesy teasy way.   
So I did what I think any mom would do in this situation ... grab the always.cooperative.8.month.old, and a camera.  Right?
We used our fancy flowery rug as a backdrop...tehe...why not right?
caught a little eye roll action on this one...
The girls and the doggie had lots of fun during our spur.of.the.moment too  :-)


  1. Mine right now is.... "Mom?" then long pause until I answer. I can't stand it. I tell her all the time just ask me the question, you don't need to say MOM and wait for me to say "yes?" or "what?". Uggggh frustrating! : )

  2. Your mom skills and your ability to adapt make me smile!

  3. Casie, your Sophie is too cute! I can relate to that silent pause too...
    And Toninette, thanks...but I'm certain someday I will be initiated into your prestigious "bad-ass mom's" club. :)

  4. said Ella B. Bella was a favorite. Even if you wrote that just because you knew I would be reading your blog - THANKS! :) Makes my heart melt a little..