The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 1, 2010

Nikki's Birthday!

We went out on Saturday to celebrate Nikki's 30th. The Big 3.0. Welcome to the CLUB!
Me, the Birthday girl, Heather (the new Mrs. Wees) and Angie (the new momma)
I love my MLC girlfriends!
Alex (the new Mrs. Kohlhaas) is here! Love you too Al :-)
Me & Mark...he's so huggable...LOL
Bob & Mark
Jason didn't want his picture taken...but ha! Gotch-ya :-)
Doin' our "bad girl" pose...well close...this goes way back to our college days living in the "Duece House".
They took 'em like champs
Alex, Jeff, Me & Brian...Alex and Brain are leaving today for their honeymoon. These love birds are going to Rome, then Athens, then Greece and on to a Cruise around the Greek Isles. JEALOUS! Have fun guys :-)
hmmm...not really sure what's going on here...but doesn't Bob look scared?
Nikki and Jeff. The coolest thing about this pic is the flying dart in the background. Did I time this shot perfectly or what?!? :-)
I love getting together with my college friends. It doesn't matter how long we have gone without seeing each other, we always have a good time and pick up right where we left off...that's what real friendship is about. I love reminiscing back on the good old days of being broke college students. It was a much simpler time. :-) I wish some of the other MLC girls could have made it, but distance kept them away. Until next time!

btw - As you can imagine, I don't get "out" this was fun, but it was not fun when the bartender told me they LOST my debit card. I used it to open the tab and she flippin LOST it! sweet. So I had to call the bank and cancel the card. sweet. :-(

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  1. They lost your debit card?!?! How does that even happen. That is awful!! Looks like you had fun though!! It's the same way with my college friends - although we hardly get to see eachother. When we do though, we pick right back up where we left off!