The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 15, 2010

Fire Drill

Had a productive day of Pre-school, Occupational and Physical Therapist "shopping" (and yes we squeezed a bit of much needed "retail" therapy shopping in there too.  Got stuck in a hail storm.  YIKES!  I dropped McKenzie off to sleep over at Grandma & Grandpa's house (Macy has her MRI at Children's bright and early, so it will be nice to not have to wrestle around with the toddler in the morning).
Something was off and not quite right though.  McKenzie was settled & ready for bed, we were in the car and were on the way home...but Macy was NOT happy, she was NOT ready to leave Waterloo just yet.  "How can we come to Waterloo and not see Grandpa?"  He had a Fire meeting, so he was not home.  God for bid Macy & Grandpa go a WHOLE week without seeing each other.
So.  Being "Mother of the Year.  I caved in to Macy's demands.
We drove over to the fire station where all the fire fighter's vehicles were.  But no one was there.  It was dark.  I learned they were not at the Fire STATION, they were at the Fire BARN.  duh!
Lisa said they were "Sprayin' some hose" or something along those lines...
After hanging around for a while, I, of course, grabbed my camera out of the car...surprise surprise right?
Macy chillaxin' with her Gandpa
Eric taking a phone pic of Little Miss Macy  :-)
Macy sticking her tongue out at Eric   LOL  Atta girl.
Uncle Dan was doing the training.
Oh, earlier I mentioned that we were stuck in a hail storm this evening.  Just before the heavy winds picked up and prior to the blinding rain and hail coming down, I hung my iPhone out the window and snapped a few shots. (I know, I know, you shouldn't talk or text while driving...I WASN'T, I was photographing, that's not illegal is it? - LOL)
It was sooo eerie and ominous I couldn't help it.
We were headed home from Village Point, had to stop in at Old Navy (or as McKenzie was, no joke, calling it "Old Lady" - hehe).  This is near 180th & Dodge looking NW.
hey look there's Daddy's future work.  Hope the TORNADO, or what ever this thing is doesn't swallow it up before it is even complete.
keep in mind these were taken with my phone and from a moving vehicle.
Almost home...just as we were about to pull into our neighborhood it started hailing.  HARD.   OMG!  McKenzie was LOVING it by the way!  She kept screaming (happily) "I told my teacher last night that it was going to storm.  and LOOK, it storming.  Mom!  LOOK it really is storming out right now.  I told my teacher that it was going to storm.  I did."  She was so excited I could tell she was SHAKING back there in her car seat!  And she just kept going & going & going.  seriously, are we home yet???  I could not get the car in the garage fast enough!
Good news to hail damage!  :-)

Okay, good night all.  But before I head to bed, I have one small request.  Please keep Macy in your thoughts & prayers.  I can't help but feel a little "anxious" about her having to be "under" during her procedure tomorrow.  I have faith and trust that all will go well, but a few extra positively optimistic prayers could never hurt.  And hopefully, this time tomorrow, I will have NO NEWS to report...that's what I planning on anyway...
Thanks friends!

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  1. Wow! great pics of the storm. glad to hear you had no hail damage. We will keep Macy in our prayers and hope all goes well.

    Tod, Jessica, Sam & Harrison Masin