The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 25, 2010

9 month well-baby check

 Macy, I JUST love you to PIECES!!  You are such a ray of sunshine.  If ever I am down, all I need to do is make eye contact with you and you flash me your gorgeous smile that simply lights up the room and I can't help but feel "okay" and instantly "happy".  You are an amazing angel of whom I am blessed to have the pleasure of being around each and every day!!  Not a single moment goes by that I don't thank the good Lord for you...and your sister  :-)

9 months old!!!    WOW!!!

I will spare you the nitty-gritty details from her doc appointment...and just share with you a few of the highlights.

* Weight - 14lbs 2 oz   (still VERY low on the DS growth chart, plus she is dropping as a result of not spoon feeding well.  I know it's decieving, because when you look at her and see her chubby cheeks and healthy pillsbury dough boy rolls, you think she is heavy.  It's funny that when people see her one of their first remarks is "ohhh she's so chunky - what a good eater she must be, how cute!")  I usually spare them the details...bu NO she's not, she needs to get better!  At least she is still nursing well, she she is getting her nutrients, no worries there  :-)

* length - 26 inches  (getting a little longer)

* We will go back in a month for a weight check...if she is still not gaining, we may have her thyroid checked and discuss the possibility of a feeding tube.  (I am 100% against this and will fight tooth & nail for that not to happen)

* We have a follow up with her pediatric opthamologist to investigate her eye rolling spells a bit last week's MRI came back normal.  Bless the Lord for that right!  Her brain appears normal and seems to be "all there". 

* The doc has also proactively scheduled an appointment for her to see a Pediatric Neurologist within the next four months.  We'll just wait and see what Dr. Wright has to say...

* Flu Shots - they pricked all four of us and we are now ready to face what this upcoming fall flu-season has to offer...bring it on!  oh and Macy was a champ and did not even shed a single tear...McKenzie, on the other hand screamed, but all was well once she successfully negotiated suckers and stickers out of the nurses. 
This little dear got two suckers and two for her and one for ANNA...this was her idea, but as you can see, Anna never got hers because McKenzie ACCIDENTALLY ate it on accident.    geez-la-weez.

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