The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 10, 2010

Pre-school! and other stuff...

McKenzie LOVED her first official day of pre-school!  And I know, you're not going to believe it, but my camera battery was dead.  In the hustle & bustle of the the morning I did not give myself enough time to charge it.  So...I just may have to post some "2nd day of pre-school" pictures next week.  hehe  :-)
As I was saying goodbye to Kenzie and dropping her off into the classroom.  She gives me a hug and very quitely says to Macy (whom I am holding), "Macy, you be a good girl"..."you listen to mommy".  
She hugged me and scampered off to play with the other kids.  I knew she was going to be just fine...
I loved hearing all about her pre-school adventures that afternoon, as she, in true-Kenzie-fashion, talked my ear off!  In addition to Monday & Wednesday Pre-school, she will also be starting Sunday school this weekend, as well as "Bethany Buddies", which is every Wednesday night.  These classes combined with gymnastics makes for a full schedule for my little, grown-up three year old!  :-)

While I don't have Pre-school pics, I do have sleepover pics from the other night to share with you:
McKenzie reading the "Beautiful Butterfly" book to Sarah and Anna.
The girls folding their arms in disappointment.  As you can imagine McKenzie does not exactly possess the ability to read just yet, so she is simply making up the words as she goes along.  The girls, as you can see, are not exactly thrilled with her story-telling skills.  I, however, LOVE listening to her imagine at work!
Silly-Silly girls!
Sleeping in McKenzie bed did not last long...oh, I'd say 12 minutes to be exact.  They laid down in the playroom, where they eventually settled for the night.  Yes, the whole night!  woo-hoo!  I slept on the couch in the family room :-)
Early the next morning...not sure why McKenzie looks so crabby in this picture.  can you say waking up on the wrong side of the bed?!?  :-)
Earlier today, the girls and I attended our first MOPS event...we LOVED it and will be going every 2nd & 4th Thursday.  What an awesome and uplifting group of moms!  Looking forward to more meetings!
Afterwards, since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by SKAR to say hello to mommy's old co-workers.  What a fun time that was!  I love you guys and miss seeing your bright cheery faces every day...kind of...   :-)  LOL
Now here is a quick iPhone pic from our "post-gymnastics" Walmart trip.  She got sooo many funny looks  :-)
giving sissy a push in the big 'ole cart.
She insisted on wearing the tutu to class tonight!  Pick your battles right??

Macy getting some "Aunt Keri Love" at gymnastics...
Speaking of Little Miss Macy...she's doing AWESOME!
She is all set to meet with her neurologist next Thursday morning to further investigate this "eye rolling" has been over 6 weeks now...She will have an MRI of her brain - I've been told the scan will last about 45-60 minutes.  She will need to undergo general anesthesia, which, for obvious reasons, makes me a little uneasy.  Please say an extra prayer and have optimistic thoughts that all will go well next week!

I also, after many many calls, finally entered into the calendar her appointment with the Children's Hospital Feeding Clinic, where a PT & OT will basically observe her feeding and make recommendations as how to best "shove the spoon" in her little, tongue-protruding" mouth.  uggh.  what a headache that was for some strange reason.  But we got it scheduled!  I look forward to getting more input in way of "speech therapy" and all around oral motor stimulation, etc...

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