The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 22, 2010

Stones Worth Stepping & Ponies!

Macy has settled into her new routine, so far, quite well. While McKenzie is at Pre-school on Monday and Wednesday mornings, I take Macy into Omaha for Private Occupational and Speech Therapy. After meeting with and talking to a few people, we have decided to take her to "Stones Worth Stepping". It is a nice facility and the gals who work there seem super knowledgeable, enthusiastic and genuine. I'd say that's a "winning combination :-)
This is in addition to the Early Intervention team who comes to the house every Friday. They are still doing an AWESOME job and I love and appreciate all that they do and will continue to do for Little Miss Macy...I just think, as long as insurance continues to cover it, Macy will benefit from getting a little more. All of them will even communicate and work together to "be on the same page" as far as how Macy is doing, etc...
I was initially turned off by the idea of having to leave the house and go to an off-site location to receive therapy. But now, I think it is worth it and kind of nice to expose Macy to new surroundings and get her working with different "contraptions", swings, etc...that we of course do not have in our home.
Swingin' - this "exercise" has something to do with sensory integration therapy and vestibular something or other...the good thing is I don't have to truly understand it all, cuz' luckily these gals do and will translate/dummy it down for me to incorporate on our own at home :-)
What a big girl! Such good balance :-)
Macy impresses her OT with her strength and ability to "almost" sit up :-)
oh yeah...BALL PIT!! Mom can we put one of these in our basement? can we, huh huh?
There are interestingly enough, several therapeutic "things" they can do with ball pits these days. hm.
working on some gross motor skills, reaching, grabbing and exploring new textures!
If nothing else, it just warms my heart to have more caring people loving and "playing productively" with our little Macy. Interaction is KEY to a good quality life :-)
oh and her friend Ella was there today! :-) Her daddy works with Macy's it turns out we will be seeing a lot more of her and her mom Jen now :-)

And since this blog is NOT all about's a little of what McKenzie had in store for today...
PONIES at Pre-school!!
patiently waiting her turn...
It's "Cowboy Week"

McKenzie loved watching the ponies...but unfortunately wanted nothing to do with RIDING the ponies. aww I thought this was an opportunity for a fun photo-op. You just never know how your kiddos are going to react to new things. Her teacher tried and tried to warm her up to the idea of a pony ride, but to no avail. oh well!

p.s. - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GRANDPA LEE TODAY!!!! We love you and appreciate everything you do for all of us each and every day. What would we do without you?!? You rock!!!

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  1. Who would have known that awesome Christmas present of 95+ balls would now have a real purpose. Happy Playing Macy!!

    McKenzie looked so cute with her cowgirl piggy tails & pink boots! I wouldn't ride those horsies either. Wait for the real horses at Ponca. Now that's a way to ride a horse for the first time.

    Love you girls!
    Aunt Heather