The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 4, 2010

Visiting Grandpa Harnisch at Midland!

The girls and I decided to spend the day visiting Grandpa Harnisch at his work.  His work also just happens to be mommy & daddy's alma mater.  He has been a professor at MLC for a long LONG time.  He teaches, Science, math and physics classes.  He is also involved with the Athletic department.  Along with his "teaching" gig, Grandpa is also a farmer.  Harvest season is just around the corner, so I'm sure we'll be paying a visit to his other "work" very soon.  Can't wait to get back out to the FARM!  He's so cool  :-)
It was super fun being back on campus.  It was an almost chilly, over-cast, drizzly day.  A great day to be at good old Midland Lutheran College (or is it Midland University? - I've heard rumblings of a name change...).  I've also heard they might change colors...from Orange & Black to Orange & Navy Blue.  hmmm.  okay.
The day started off with Lunch.  We met up with Grandpa Harnisch in the cafeteria.
It was PACKED with students, which was SOO nice to see.  Several hundred students from neighboring (now closed) Dana College enrolled a few months ago to give Midland's enrollment a much needed boost. 
Leonard, Macy & McKenzie
While Grandpa went off to teach his last class for the day (Statistics - bleh), we went across the way to visit with Leonard - He is doing very well.  His house sits right there on campus.  It was really nice catching up with him and learning of some new Midland happenings, a lot going on that's for sure. 
now I just walked along and watched McKenzie running and jumping all around.  I knew she would love it here!
Hey, who's that?!?!  Granpa!!  He's done with his classes and is going to hang out with us now :-)
RUN Grandpa RUUN!
McKenzie says "I'm chasing you"...even when she's in the lead.  silly girl  :-)
this way momma
What's that?  Why?
ummm, no you can NOT swim in this pool!
looking at the pretty fountain and the "Cross at the Center"
Looking  UP!  into the windows at the Anderson Building
McKenzie learning to work the elevators, she's NOW ready for college.  Oops, she hit all the buttons, looks like we are going to make a stop on  every floor.  Sorry passengers, hope you are not too late to your classes  :-(  LOL
This is the good old J-Lab (Dunklau Journalism Center), where Mommy spent most of her college days.  When she wasn't playing basketball, working, or doing Pi Ep stuff  :-)  A lot has changed up here sadly  :-(
Yep, that's me  :-)  Sherri Lee  :-)  Most valuable Staffer - Television Broadcasting
 I know, I'm kind of a loser.  Who takes pictures of their awards?  me!  Public Relations Most valuable staffer  :-)
run run, gotta get to class on time
This is where the Yellow House once stood.  :-(tear:-(  Daddy lived here with four other college buddies for a couple years.  It was right across the street from campus.  The college tore it down and built new dorms a few years ago.  sigh.  Oh the good times and fun parties that were had at the yellow house!
One last running picture...yes, she's airborne.
Since we were in town and the girls still had a bit of productive energy left, we paid Granpma Harnisch a visit.  The girls ALWAYS love playing at their house, they have the MOST fun toys.  Plus, it worked out rather well...they fed us too  :-)  hehe.  I'm always up for a free meal.  tehe. 
Last night McKenzie had a SLEEPOVER!  Cousin Anna and her BFF Sarah came over to play after gymnastics class...I have pics and will try to post another day.  Oh and Macy had a very productive Physical Therapy session.  Still working on sitting  - but hey, we've got ourselves a "prop-sitter"!  Penny taught us some techniques and new positions to try...And crawling still seems to be a ways away, but we're workin' on it  :-)  Lax Ligaments combined with her low tone makes provides a bit of a challenge, but she'll get there eventually.  
Then we went out to lake all day. It was awesome and very "fall-like".  Very nice being out there on cool breezy days.  I love Sweatshirt and jeans season!  Curled up in the hammock with a beverage and a good book while McKenzie and Macy played with their cousins and Grandma & Grandpa Lee.  Life is good  :-)
Today we are going down to Lincoln for another campus tour.  University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  It's Husker GAME Day!  We are going to have fun tailgating, watching the band, running around at the Husker Nation Pavillion.  It's beautiful out and should be an awesome day!  

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