The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 1, 2010

Preschool Open House

McKenzie was Super Duper excited to go to pre-school.  We got all her supplies and she's ready to go!  Last night was the open house, she got to find her cubby, sit her classroom, meet her teacher and classmates and make a really fun craft!
Getting her very own name tag.  How Special!
If this isn't "happiness?"  I don't know what is.
Macy got to sit out with us parents as we got the "logistical" rundown, while McKenzie and the other soon-to-be preschoolers got acquainted with their classroom and teachers!  Isn't she lucky?  Don't worry Macy your time will come, you get to start preschool next year at Munroe Meyer Institute - you'll love it there and you get to start way sooner than your big sis did!
McKenzie RUNS out of her classroom, sooo excited to tell us all about it and show us her craft.
"Look what I made!"
"It's a BEE".  It said "I'm so happy to BEE in preschool".  very cute :-)  McKenzie then asked "can we go home and watch The Bee Movie now"?   :-)
McKenzie and her teacher Mrs. Seigh
She was excited to show me the actual chair she sat in during craft time.
As we were walking out of the building, she very proudly told us that "I was not shy, I am NOT shy no more".  "Some kids were shy, but I was not".  awwww...she is going to love and do very well at preschool!!  I am not worried about my big girl one bit.  :-)

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