The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

We spent three very nice days out at Woodcliff this last weekend.  Friday was on the verge of chilly, which was AWESOME!  Loved hanging out on the beach in my sweatshirt and jeans watching the kiddos play in the sand and yes even the water.  They aren't phased a bit!  I was quite content on the hammock most of the day  :-)  Picked out a good book from the cabin...thanks Toninette!  I am almost finished with "The Five People you Meet in Heaven"...
We went back out to the lake early Sunday and stayed through Monday night.  We had a cabin-full and it was GREAT!  Kind of crazy, but relaxing at the same time.  A nice balance.
McKenzie (and all the other littles) love this tree swing  :-)
Higher Daddy HIGHER!
We got plenty of quality "hammock time" in this weekend  :-)
"Raise your hands"...Ally says "wait a minute...hey!  What's the deal??  Aunt KERI!  You got my arm stuck!"  hehe  Too cute  :-)  She walked around for quite a while with her arm like that.  It didn't bother her one bit until we asked her to raise her arms...finally she a little frustrated...LOL
nice goggles Brook!
Here comes Dalton rounding the corner...I tell ya, these boys have endless's a good thing we've got lots of space for all of them to run around!
Cousin Kevin's next!
Mom & son golf cart ride.
Aunt Heather and Macy cuddling in the hammock
McKenzie's makin' a sand castle while daddy supervises diligently...nice huh?  good thing there are lots of other "eyes" out there watching too  :-)
Macy wants be a dentist when she grows she gives Aunt Keri a thorough tooth exam.  Final conclusion:  She's got a good set of choppers, very CLEAN and pearly WHITE!  :-)
Enjoying a very nice cruise around the lake...not too hot.  Actually the wind starting picking up towards the end of the boat ride, I was starting to wonder if we were going to beat the storm back to the cabin.  We made it back in time :-)
I asked McKenzie to smile for the camera, but this is what I got...typical!
Macy meets her newest 2nd Cousin!  Grace Marie Salisbury (daughter to Ryan and Allie) was born almost two weeks ago.  She's a pretty little princess with LOTS of super soft hair.  What a doll, congrats guys!!   :-)
She's always interested in what Aunt Keri has to say.  Whoa...almost leapt right out of Erika's arms...silly girl!  Good thing she's got a quick reaction time  :-)
Me, baby  Grace, Erika and as you can see a-very-interested-in-the-baby-Macy  :-)  I'm glad Macy has a new baby friend to grow up with...they will have lots of fun playing together, especially out here at the lake!
That night we enjoyed an awesome fireworks show!  Love watching the fireworks reflect off the water
McKenzie was funny and provided commentary to Joe..."that was a boy firework"  and  "that was a girl one".
Cousin Erika and a "snug as a bug in a rug" Macy  :-)  She.  Is.  Out.
Yes, I'm afraid this IS exactly what it looks like...
We enjoyed watching and listening to a few bands perform across the way...The Rumbles, The Fish Heads and our favorite (my neighbor's band) On The Fritz.  We have a great view/listen point from both our back porch and as you can see here our front driveway.  My uncle loaded these two recliners up onto his trailer, we got a new couch for the cabin and put these out on the curb with a sign that said "FREE", hoping that someone would haul them the mean time, why wouldn't we USE them while taking in some good live tunes?  Slightly redneckish, yes...but we had a fun time and that's all that matters.
Update, someone picked up the chairs the next day...mission accomplished!  :-)

And so, with labor Day, another summer season comes to an end...we enjoyed many hot summer days out at the lake this year...we may head out there a few more times in the fall and winter...but we likely won't enjoy the water and beach again until next summer.  *sigh*

But, this is why I LOVE Nebraska.  I love the changing of the seasons!  Bring on the cool "sweatshirt & jeans" weather that fall has to offer...looking forward to a bountiful harvest season :-)

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