The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 19, 2010

Just a little off the top

Decisions, cut or NOT to cut?
That is the question.

As you may have noticed Macy's mop is beyond crazy and out of control. I, personally, would prefer to wait until after her 1st Birthday before her first haircut, as I'm actually okay with the craziness on the top of her head (plus I think this "mohawk" is a sort of DS trait, of which I've grown quite fond of).
But I made the mistake of asking my sisters what their thoughts were. I appreciate our relationship SOO much. We are soo comfortable with each other that we say exactly what we think and precisely how we feel...even if we know it is not necassarily what the other perhaps wants to hear. It's actually refreshing. So when I asked them "what do you think of Macy's hair, should I leave it, or should I cut it?"...both Heather and Keri told me that they would chop the long top hairs and make it even with the rest of her side hairs. REALLY??!? oh man! That is SOO not what I thought they'd say. I thought they would be nice and just say something like "don't cut it, it's cute, it's totally what makes Macy Macy". But no...they were honest and told me what they would do if it were their own baby. Lisa agreed with me and said she would probably not cut it...okay, so it's 2 to 1...

I pondered about it for a couple more weeks...but, the other day while at my friend Jessie's house, I asked if she could "take a little off the top" (as she used to style hair before being a stay-at-home momma with her four little ones). She agreed with Heather and Keri that perhaps her hair could be "cleaned up" a little. :-)

Thanks Casie for taking these pics for I did not have my camera...
who me? you think I need a haircut?? How do ya figure?
So, we set up salon shop right there in Jessie's kitchen...
a during shot
Macy was being very particular
she was concerned "now careful Jessie, not tooo much!"just a little off the top"
what? the sides too? oh MAN!
Casie watches from the side and provides consultation
tada! Much better!! :-) Thanks Jessie!!
Jessie asks her "client" what she thinks...Macy looks up and checks it out...
"looks good, looks good...not bad lady, not bad" :-)

Macy and Vollen facing off
Vollen really wanted her to play with him
But she just wasn't feelin' it :-) GIRLS!
You tell him Macy! haha Poor Vollen was just trying to be nice :-)

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