The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 14, 2010

2nd Day of pre-school

McKenzie has a pretty busy schedule these days, between pre-school, gymnastics, Sunday School, Bethany Buddies, playdates...and then Macy with all her therapy visits, doc appt's, etc...I don't know how we'll find time to sit on the couch to watch soap opera's and eat Bon-Bon's anymore...uggh. We'll have to figure something out...
******* since I was "Mother of the Year" and took zero pics of Kenzie on her 1st day of are some from her 2nd day...hehe :-) I allowed myself a a few extra minutes during the morning rush this time around...
"I got my packpack and we're ready to go" :-)
"Mom can I please please please take my ping pong paddle to school with me? I will share it with my friends!" ummm no.
"awww poor Toby can't go to school with me...there's no dogs allowed to go to there!"
still laughing at Toby who is barking from inside the house...silly girl!
high fivin' the Husker flag...oh and do you like her packpack (not a typo, this is what she calls it)...once she saw the kitty kat, there was NO DOUBT this was for Grandpa told her she had to get a pink one! :-)
standing in front of her pre-school
yes...I am kind of like the paparazzi, snapping pictures while walking...LOL
awwww, this sweet boy held the door for her...she's making friends already!!! :-) maybe next week he'll carry her it girl!
She knew exactly where to go...found her cubby and placed her "packpack" in it ALL by herself.
She walked right into her classroom and said "okay bye mom, I'm going to have fun and won't be shy here".
After dropping her off, Macy and I stopped over to see Neeley & Grady. We had a very nice time. The twins are doing awesome and are growing very well, thanks for letting us come over and hang out for a while Bethany!!!
oh and I'm not sure I have yet shared this link yet...check out these amazing newborn photographs taken by Amanda Fish Photography...WOW, she is awesome, especially with babies :-)  precious!

Neeley (almost 7weeks) , Macy (almost 9 months) & Grady...(almost 7 weeks)
Macy sure does like her new cousins...she can't wait for them to get a little bigger so they can all roll around on the floor together...soon enough Macy, soon enough :-)

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