The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 5, 2010

MRI & Feeding Clinic

Now a short Little Miss Macy update:
Per her doctors recommendation we are going to meet with a Neurologist and have an MRI to perhaps get a further understanding as to what may be causing Macy's "eye rolling" episodes. We shall see and will keep you posted...we don't have it scheduled yet, so I am not sure when exactly this will be taking place. The sooner to better. We will also see her Opthamologist again in the next couple months, so that he can keep an eye on stuff that he can "keep an eye on"...

We are also going to start taking Macy to the Feeding Clinic at Children's Hospital. There we will meet with other Speech Pathologists/therapists, and they will assist, advise and offer new techniques and ideas in regards to more effectively spoon feeding our stubborn-protruding-tongued-Macy. She has dropped in weight a bit and is not following as steady a trend line on the growth chart as we'd like. Doc made mention, that if the eating via spoon does not improve, we may, perhaps, resort to a feeding tube or G-tube. I agree that she needs the nutrition...but I do NOT want to go down this route. This would be disappointing, and I do NOT envision this having to happen...but I suppose anything's possible...we shall see. I am just praying that her little jaw grows grows and strengthens soon as this appears to be a contributing factor as to why we are unable to fit the spoon in her little mouth. One theory is that her tongue may just be out of proportion with the size of her mouth at the moment? They will sync up soon! We will continue to go through the motions and make "feeding" attempts on a daily basis. It's SOOO frustrating to say the least :-(

But hey, to end on a positive note...She still nurses like a champ and for that I'm grateful. :-)

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  1. Sherri, your blog is absolutely awesome!! I don't get a chance to read up on blogs as much as I would like. Sorry to hear about little Macy's issues, I hope everything gets better soon. You have such a beautiful family & document it all so perfectly with your pictures & blog entries. Hope to get to see you all sometime soon. :)