The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 4, 2010

Go Big RED!

It's finally season has officially begun here in the Cornhusker state.  Today our (#9) Nebraska played host to Western Kentucky.  I'm sure, unless you live under a rock, you already know, it was a BLOWOUT!  We did what many other Nebraskans do...dressed the girls in their "Gameday Husker Best", loaded them up in the "family truckster" and drove an hour South towards the fine city of Lincoln to join 80,000 of our closest friends in cheering the Huskers onto victory.  
It was a GORGEOUS DAY!  
We did not have tickets to the game today, but that's okay.  We just wanted to go down and be a part of the amazing atmosphere that is "Husker Game Day".  We walked through the college house neighborhood and "people watched" as we passed by 50+ house parties (oh to be a carefree college kid again)...strolled through campus in search of the pep band (never found it, but we had fun walking through the pretty campus anyway).  We also hung out at Tod & Jessica's awesome tailgate right outside the stadium and went over to the Husker Nation Pavilion.  We do like to actually get in the stadium and watch some live husker action a couple times a year...but today it was fun to just go down and have a low key time with our girls in tow  :-)
Me, the girls and Aunt Jessica.  Jess & Tod, thank you so much for your incredible hospitality year after year.  Your husker tailgate is by far the best around!!!  Lots of nice people and scrumptious food too  :-)
Joe and his sister Jess
College kids tryin' to make a buck.  What's not to appreciate about that?
Me, a pretending to sleep Kenzie, Jess, cousin Heather (due in December) & newlywed cousin Heidi!
Aunt Shelly cheering up a grumpy McKenzie with the promise of another playdate very SOON!
Macy getting passed around and loved by friends at the tailgate
sooo sweeet  :-)
This KETV news photographer agrees that this is one of the prime tailgate locations.  Here he gets footage of the "Am"BO"lance.  It's for sale by the way...
We didn't make it home in time to watch...but I wonder if it made the news?  LOL
Inside Husker Nation Pavilion area.  There was a band, food vendors, and tons of activities for kids and families.
It was slightly disappointing however, as in year's past, we were allowed to run around and "set up camp" in the in-field.  But not this year, they had everything inside the track roped off.  Well, that's no fun!  :-(
Headin' home.  Now back to Omaha.  We are going to go watch the game on TV over at Becca & Jeremy's house.  Thanks for hosting a FUN Husker Party guys!!  We had a great time  :-)
Due to the fact that I did not start this blog until January of this year...I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite pics from last year...when we went down to simply "enjoy the sites" with McKenzie  :-)
Here's McKenzie and Daddy rolling around the in-field - as the game takes place inside Memorial stadium.  It's so cool to hear the loud roar of the crowd outside the stadium after each big play.
Me & my princess...I was pregnant with Macy last football season  :-)
look at how LITTLE she looks...aww my BABY girl is so grown up now!
McKenzie is watches in awe as thousands of balloons are released from inside the stadium to celebrate the first husker touchdown of the game.  A longtime NU tradition.  very cool!  :-)
Somersaultin' it up!

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