The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 25, 2010

Brook the BounceU Birthday Boy

Cousin Brook turned 5 on September 11th!  He invited McKenzie to his "big kid" birthday party at Bounce U.  His entire pre-school class was there and it was SOOO much fun   :-)
What made the party all the more entertaining was little Brook.  Oh boy the funny/silly/crazy things that come out of this kid's mouth!  He is a riot. :-) I tried to get some "Brook Moments/proclamations" on video, but by the time I finally got around to pressing "record" his momma had a "talk" with him.  oh BUMMER!  LOL
Trying to get a good group you can imagine, it is quite difficult to get 25 five year olds to hold still for more than 2 minutes...this is about as good as it's gonna get  :-)
McKenzie had a blast, as did all the other's on the BIG slide  :-)
Weeeee...she went airborne!
Her little elbows are ALL red and "burned up".  can't imagine why?  She only went down this thing 167 times.

Go Brook Go!
Macy and Cousin Renae supervising the fun.
yep, even I went down...not pretty!  :-(  that's Kenzie coming up behind me.
trying to scurry out of the way as quickly as possible before another heap of kids slide down a plow me over.  They're FAST!
Yep, that's Me, Heather Keri and a pile of kids..ouch, I think I'm still sore from the crash at the bottom.
Okay, this was too cute.  While we were in line for the slide, Brook says to me in his adorable, squeeky high-pitched, matter-of-fact voice "Aunt Sherri, this is MY brithday party and all of my friends are here.  Olivia is here too and she is my GIRLFRIEND."   I just smiled and looked at him, before I could respond, this sweet girl pictured above taps Brook on the back and says "Brooke, I am NOT your girlfriend".   HAHA, so funny!  He seemed to handle the rejection just fine.  He played it off as though he didn't even hear her (typical).  It was cute watching them chase each other all night...hmm...
Macy and Aunt Keri bouncin around!

Keri is shocked to see how FLEXIBLE Macy is a RUBBERBAND!   :-)
CRAZINESS!!!  Heather, me, Lisa and Keri...and several little's.
Abby and Anna catching some air!
Nice expression's tough to know what you're thinking, but I've got a pretty good idea  :-)
Heather trying to hang on to Dalton. 
awwwww  :-)  Renae and Mason go down again!
another group shot...yep, that's my kid trying to escape this time  :-)
A blue sucker to match her blue shirt....nice!
 What a FUN party!!  Thanks for inviting us Brook  :-)

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