The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 13, 2010

Macy vs. the spoon & baby Grace

I took a few pics of Lucy (Macy's OT) attempting to feed her...the pics speak for themselves...not much success...WHAT A STINKER! :-)
tongue (1)...spoon (0)
Lucy once again pulled out her "bag of tricks"...this time... tongue (1)...brush thingamabob (0).
putting on this little finger glove provided a little bit of success...This was more of a tie'd game I'd say :-)
We still need to put lots of towels in her highchair for support, as she still slumps & slides quite a bit. They say when she's eating, she needs to be able to focus on nothing else except feeding, so struggling to sit up straight only makes this eating from a spoon gig all the more challenging for Little Miss Macy.
After Macy's therapy on Friday, the girls and I went over to hang out with my cousins brand new baby girl...Grace Marie. She is such a doll!!
McKenzie was super gentle with her
She is such a content little thing :-) Baby Grace is 2 weeks old!
I spent all of Friday night playing with Final Cut Pro (a video editing program)...I am putting together an exciting video for HFMA (healthcare financial management association) of Nebraska.  They are celebrating 50 years!'s kind of fun  :-)  I am looking forward to hopefully getting back into editing videos again.  Just another little hobby of mine...

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