The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 8, 2010

My niece goes to College!

The girls, my dad and I road-tripped down to the good old University of Nebraska to check out Erika's new digz.  She's a Freshman in college!  :-)
I was super excited to see her and Natalie's dorm room.  They've only been on campus for a couple weeks, but I'd say they are pretty well settled.  I love the bright, vibrant colors  :-)  Plus, they are very well stocked up on all the necessities, you know, all the typical stuff any college kid would need...Easy Mac, pretzels, popsicles, oreos, bottled water, laptops, blankets/comfy pillows, clothes, toiletries and post-it notes...because of these amenities, their room seems to be a magnet to many friends on the floor as a lot stopped by to say hi just in our short visit with them  :-)  It warms my heart to know that they are both adapting well and are (so far) enjoying their college experience.  Let's just wait and see how this maintains as their classes become a little more "involved".   :-)
Macy is waving to the camera!  :-)
Note large bucket-o-pretzels in the foreground...LOL  love it  :-)  Very hospitable they are!
McKenzie, me and Natalie...she and Erika have been friends for a long long time!  Natalie is such a great girl and a very good, positive influence...she will help keep Erika out of trouble for sure  :-)  
Macy looks around the dorm and thinks to herself "there's enough room here, I think I just might want to stick around for a while, wha-do-ya say girls, perhaps I can pay month-to-month rent??  :-)   I do envision my sweet Macy going to college someday...she can and will be WHATEVER she wants to be!  As her parents we will support her with whatever path SHE chooses.  Macy, your future's lookin' bright, we can't wait to see what is all in store for you...and of course for your big sis too!

Running down the LONG hallway! do we get a hallway like this in my house?  Sure would be nice if she could run her energy off like this at home  :-)   tehe  oh - btw - Erika, she was fascinated by the "self-flushing toilets" in your bathrooms  haha     LOL
quick pic of the lobby area...quite a bit larger than my dormitory at MLC...but very much the same cozy-college feel  :-)
After hanging out in the dorm for a while, we ate dinner at Spaghetti Works.  
YUMMY in the TUMMY!! 


On the way home, I talked Grandpa Lee into hanging out with Macy in the car, while me and McKenzie, just the two of us, went "backpack shopping" at the outlet malls.  She starts pre-school TOMORROW and picked out her very own, perfectly pink, kitty-cat back-pack. 
She is READY to GO!!!

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