The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 20, 2010

Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40

Pretty sure I have the sweetest & most thoughtful husband ever!

Yesterday morning I got a facebook posting from a friend of mine who lives in Colorado.  Lisa said:  "Sherri.....just want to tell you we heard Joe's dedication to you and the girls on our country station this morning, yes way out here in Colorado. It gave us chills!!!! You have an awesome husband and family, that was very cool! You guys are doing a great job as parents...the girls are extremely lucky!! :)"

Of course, I was immediately confused.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  So I asked Joe.  His response was "Shoot, that was supposed to be a surprise!...Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40's Nat'l broadcast airs later here in Nebraska".  "You were supposed to hear it during our Sunday drive after church".  
oops.    haha  busted!  :-)  He thought it was pretty cool though that someone else actually heard it! make a long story wonderful husband sent a "listener request" a few months ago.  It was actually selected and here is what was read on air...NATIONALLY...just a couple days prior to our 8 year wedding anniversary.  How VERY sweet!  I couldn't help but get teary eyed just listening to it while we were out driving around with the girls.  A memory I will always treasure  :-)

Dear Bob,
Last year, my wife, Sherri, took a maternity leave from work and in December our 2nd daughter was born.  Her name is Macy and she was born with Down syndrome. It’s something you simply do not prepare for, but through it all, Sherri has been amazing and has showed me how to love, deeper than ever.

After briefly returning to work, a job she adores, Sherri had a quite different feeling in her heart, and we made the decision that she should be able to stay home full time.  She knew her efforts are better spent helping Macy through the various challenges that Down syndrome presents and we’ve had nothing but success. It seems there is nothing Macy can’t do and Sherri wants to be there for it all.

We have a wonderful full length front porch on our home, and I do some traveling for work, and that 20 seconds when I pull in the drive and see my 3 beautiful blondes through the porch after a long trip is the best part of my week!   The joy and pride in my heart, easily makes up for any lost wages from Sherri now staying at home.

I want to let her know that I support her totally.  So please play Lonestar’s “My Front Porch Looking In” for my amazing wife, C.F.O., Chief Family Officer of the Harnisch Family Inc.!

Thank you so much,
Joe Harnisch
Elkhorn, NE

Lonestar's "Front Porch Looking in" video

They are apparently sending a signed CD in the mail with the broadcast, as well as a 6 month subscription to Netflix.   cool   :-)

Joe was bummed, because the "listener dedication" which aired an hour before ours got a $50.00 gift card to Wrangler.  haha.  He was pretty excited about possibly getting that.  :-)  looks like I know what I'll be getting him for his birthday...tehe...

I love you babe, thanks for the amazing dedication!! I now LOVE this song even more than I did before  :-)


  1. I'm not surprised. This just further demonstrates the awesomeness of your marriage and the committment the two of you have for each other. I'm blessed to have you share your marriage and all its ups and downs, laughter and tears with us all.

    We love you all!

  2. how very awesome!! hope you have/had a wonderful anniversary