The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 16, 2010

Ya Learn somethin' new every day

You know how the saying goes "You learn something new every day"...well today I learned a little bit about MRI's. Something I can honestly say I knew NOTHING about before.
I didn't take my camera...but I did have the trusty iPhone, so I did snap a few pics :-) This is not an "everyday occurrence" afterall...
Here we go...she's bright eyed and bushy tailed here in Children's lobby as we are checking in. The nurse told us to bring any or all items that are of comfort and soothing to our child. She doesn't use a pacifier and does not have a special blanket or anything, but she does have this adorable lamb (gift from G&G Harnisch) that she talks & coo's to every morning in her crib, so I thought she would appreciate having this there with her today...and I think it HELPED! :-)
Just before having to "gown-up"...or is it "scrub-down"?? Either way, she wasn't thrilled about the out-of-date hospital issued Looney Tunes gown...she kept trying to take it off by pulling it over her head. SOOO funny! PEEK-A-BOO!! That's my diva baby. Oh & can you believe the Nurse Practitioner told her to take out her piggy tail? The nerve...can't a girl have a little fun? What's next? You gonna UNpaint my toe nails:-)
Checkin' her vitals. Our nurse Linda was awesome, I just loved her!! :-) I've gotta say she had MUCH better bed-side manner than the anesthesiologist. She was so sweet...brought in warm blankets and even a radio with sweet music during her recovery.
more vital checking...this time by the N.P. they are very thorough. Macy starting to show a little attitude here "seriously mom, how many times are they going to open my shirt and tickle me with this cold, round dealy-bobber"? I don't get it. And what are they listening to through those earphones - is it connected to some sort of wireless iPod or something"?
The Child-life specialist explaining the process to Macy and letting her play with the mask. As you can imagine, Macy had TONS of questions and concerns about the procedure, but luckily this lady was able to provide her with a little bit of comfort...LOL She's starting the get into the "WHY" stage much like her big sister, heaven help us! :-)
"Like this?" "Is this right" Macy asks... :-) "Just want to make sure I have proper form and correct technique".
Wheelin' her down to the O.R.
Unfortunately, we were not able to go down with her...she was only away from us for 2 hours. They put her under general anesthesia (this explains her groggi-grumpiness), gave her an IV (this explains the looney tunes bandaid on her right hand), put a tube down her throat (this contributed to her sore throat and HOARSE voice), gave her some steroids (this might explain the extra hair on her chest...j.k.), anti-nausea medicine and some other meds to prevent saliva production (apparently this explains why she was flush for a few hours off & on afterwards), put tape over her eyes (no marks or scars left behind from this thankfully), etc. Oh and they took some pictures of her brain too I think. That's my layman terms recap :-) I'm sure I missed a few things...but that's all I know. I think I am going to add my "MRI notes/knowledge" to wikipedia.
She's BACK! And while they said she is fine and did great...she looked like she "got hit by a bus". one very tired, grumpy and lethargic girl. She was pretty pale for a while too, but they were monitoring her BP & O2 levels closely throughout her recovery time and she was JUST fine. It did not take long for her gorgeous sun-kissed complexion to return. :-)
She was starving and ready to eat...but was very tense and stubborn. She didn't know whether she wanted to eat or sleep, so she just cried and arched her back.
What she wanted most was to just take a walk, so that's what we did. We raced the little boy in the red wagon around the halls. It was cute, he kept calling her Veronica (cuz that's HIS baby sister's name) she didn't seem to mind 'cuz he was cute....She finally conked out!
We got home around 2pm. She was pretty "uncomfortable" when she was not sleeping, hopefully the tylenol is helping a bit. In any case, she is recovering perfectly, as best as any kiddo would.

The doc is supposed to call us some time tomorrow with the much-awaited results from her MRI scan. I have no expectations and have no idea what they'll say. We shall see.
I'll give them until noon...if they haven't called yet, you bet I'll start my "super-mom" nagging. haha
:-) I'm pretty sure they're getting used to me by now...sadly...
We are looking forward to a little low-key playdate at Macy's boyfriend Wes' house in the morning. Then some therapy...Good night all!

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