The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 22, 2010

GRANDS Meeting @ Munroe Meyer Institute

When I heard that a Genetics Counselor was going to speak to the G.R.A.N.D.S. group (Grandparents Respecting And Nurturing Down Syndrome).  I really wanted to tag along and listen in.  I was also anxious to finally have a reason to check out the Munroe Meyer Institute.  I have learned many things about it and soon Macy will benefit from the many programs, research and opportunities this institute and it's people provide.
Me, G&G Lee and G&G Harnisch hopped into one car and attended the meeting together.  Beth, the UNMC Genetics Counselor, shared a lot of valuable information with our group.  All the "ins & outs", hows and whys associated with Trisomy 21.  It was a lot to take in, but was good and I'm glad that they took the time out and are now a little more knowledgeable on the topic.  I appreciate that they care enough to learn more about our Little Miss Macy AND her amazing friends who also have this extra special chromosome.  It was neat hearing the questions and comments that the other Grandparents had.  All in all, they all had the same thing in common, they love ALL their grandbabies, and want to especially reach out and understand their "chromosomally enhanced" little one's a bit more.  They are lucky to have this support group and our kiddos will certainly benefit from their G&G's being so involved and caring  :-)  It is going to make ALL the difference  :-)  I truly believe that FAMILY is what is going to help our little's succeed and meet their FULL potential in life.

I didn't necessarily learn anything new, that we didn't already hear from our Genetic Counselor, Sarah.  But this time around, I was stronger and able to sit through the "Schpeel" without wasting an entire box of kleenex.  Let's just say I wasn't exactly "emotionally stable" when she visited us and "smacked us upside the head" with this information in that conference room at Children's hospital after only a couple days of Macy's birth.  It was a bit overwhelming, but looking back it was very important for us to go through it while we were there, just beginning to wrap our arms and hearts around Macy and her diagnosis.  Sarah was wonderful and could not have been any more caring and understanding of our raw emotions. 

That's all behind us now and THE FUTURE IS LOOKING BRIGHT!

I did learn, Monday, that Macy was, ironically, part of a sort of "Down Syndrome BABY BOOM".  Statistics have shown, that during the 12 month period of which Macy was born there was a significant increase in T-21 babes...this probably explains why all of us momma's were able to connect and find each other so easily.  There were a lot of us right here in Omaha starting this SAME journey at the SAME time.  This is why Jenn needs to find a larger space to accommodate our monthly "Mom's coffee's".  We've outgrown Panera!!  The #'s have since tapered off and are back to average levels.  There does not seem to be any rationale to support this rise in T-21 births, it was just, I guess you could say, a fluke.  I'd like to call it a miracle and a wonderful blessing from God, that he graced us with the presence of these amazing angels!

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