The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 14, 2010

It's a great day for a picnic!

at the park :-)
We went with some neighbor friends over to Pacific Springs Park. The kids had a fun time...and I enjoyed chit-chatin' with Cheryl! So much for the storms our wonderful meteorologists were forecasting for today...ha!
McKenzie and Chase showing off their somersault skills
McKenzie, Mia, Macy & Chase :-)
This is soo do we get one in our backyard?!
Mia givin' Macy some lovin :-)
She was checking out Macy's John Deere boots
Picnic TIME!
Macy asks "Hey, where's my food?"
The girls' Great Grandma Harnisch made this beautiful quilt...They did not have the pleasure of meeting Orlinda, but I did. She was an amazing lady and quite the spit-fire, I suppose she had to be to keep up with her 4 sons. Among other things, Orlinda was quite the quilt maker, several of them have been passed down and will continue to be for generations to come. Every time we use one of her special quilts we will think of you Great Grandma Harnisch! Thanks for "being with us" today as we enjoyed a lovery picnic at the park :-)
Homemade cookies? "Why yes" McKenzie says.
Mommy & Mia :-)
more sommersaultin'
Chase enjoying his cookie as Kinzie waits for "droppings"
Now Kinzie goes for a ride on the swing...I really do think she liked it!
running after a squirrel
more running...but this time, just BECAUSE. Oh and Cheryl made an interesting observation...there was a small tree whose leaves were starting to turn (see it on the far right?) uh oh. Fall is on the WAY! Bring it on!!

What a GREAT day for a picnic!

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