The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 27, 2010

Pictures at the Park!

We were invited to a "portrait party" - thanks Steph!!  It was a beautiful fall Nebraska day...
Because the party was rained out last week, I was SOOO looking forward to playing at the Lanoha Arboretum yesterday while Lisa, of Lisa Johnson Photography, caught our candid family "moments" with her amazing photographic talents.
here's a link to her fan page on facebook  -   she does great work and I can't wait to see our photos in a couple weeks!  Hopefully there will be at least one or two that are "Christmas Card" worthy  :-)

While we were waiting for "our families turn", we snapped a few "ametuer" pics of our are  some of them...but seriously, I am super anxious to see Lisa's as hey will be 90x awesomer  :-)
the whole "put-the-camera-on-the-ground-titled-with-a-rock-set-the-timer-and-run-trick"  not bad.  :-)  
I know...we're dorks, but hey...we were having FUN!!  so there  :-)
enroute to our next location

Now, we took some pics of Lisa (our photographer taking pics  :-) )

 FUUNN!!  Our entire shoot lasted just 20 minutes...quick and despite the look on Macy's face here, painless... 
Now we wait for the good ones...thanks Lisa, Can't wait to see them  :-) 

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  1. Such cute pics!!! And I love the outfits you chose for the girls! Precious... ;) Our family pics are in a few weeks! I'm hoping for GREAT fall weather!!!