The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 1, 2010

Dog Heaven

Toby's got a lot of life here on Earth ahead of him...but he got a teeny taste of heaven yesterday.
I am not sure what Toby's heaven will be like, but I am certain it will involve lots of basking in the sunshine, walks, Toddler table droppings, squirrels in tree's and several baths.  He LOVES baths!  Especially baths in the driveway that involve a hose, an over-sized bucket and four laughing kids (Brook, Ally, McKenzie and Macy was watching/giggling from her stroller). 
As you can clearly see, Toby is thrilled?  haha, he looks like a gremlin!
Starting to warm up to the idea
Now THIS is fun!  He was LOVING this.  what better way to enjoy a hot mid 90's day?
McKenzie lathering up the doggie soap.  awwww "massage" Toby says.  :-)
McKenzie wants to join in the pampering fun.
She figured out that if she puts her finger in the water stream, it "sprays funny".
He doesn't even mind getting blasted in the face!
Tied to a tree in the front yard, drying off in the hot hot sun...what a life!  Do you see the 3 kids in the background?
Oh great!  :-(  What do you get when a clean, wet, WHITE dog rolls around in the freshly mowed GREEN grass?  Yep,  you get a neon green canine.  Sweet!

We LOVE  you Toby!  Here's to MANY MANY more baths to come  :-)

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