The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 30, 2010

Birthday's on the 7's

Macy's in the news!! :-)
I used to work for KETV Channel 7. Yup my first gig out of college. Worked there for about 3 years and LOVED it! Ever since I have been a loyal KETV Newswatch 7 viewer.
Of course, it only seems appropriate that my Little Miss Macy be featured on their "Birthday's on the 7's" segment :-)

blogger's warning: it's not the most high-quality production. phone taping the television. Yep this is what my high dollar private college journalism degree has gotten me (today anyway) hehe...but, hey, it's all I care to take the time to do!!

Here's a still screenshot (taken of the TV with my iPhone) in case you are unable to view the video:
John Oakey's voice-over: "Macy Lee Harnisch loves blowing raspberry's, taking baths and pulling big sisters hair" and a little ad-lib "I'm sure big sister does not enjoy that as much as you do".

Happy 7-month Birthday sweet angel 'o' mine :-)

And, in an effort to being fair...let's give WOWT Channel 6 some props too. Watch tonight's 6pm Newscast to see our good friend Brooklyn Tonjes receive a check from from Gregg Young Chevrolet as part of WOWT's "Go the Extra Mile" segment. The check is a donation to ODSPN's Buddy Walk. Very cool, way to go Brooklynn!!! We'll be watching. :-)

See, there is actually some good local news to report every now & again...a good change from the usual, shootings, burglaries, politics, etc.

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