The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 21, 2010

Future Firefighter's of America!

Yesterday we, along with some neighborhood friends, went out to Waterloo to play at Grandpa's fire station for a bit...Macy has NEVER seen a fire truck!  Crazy to think that with all the firefighter blood pouring through the veins of her mommy's family that it has taken this long.  My Dad's a firefighter, my sister's a professional firefighter/paramedic in Lincoln (woo-hoo Lisa, you ROCK!!).  All three of my sister's are married to firefighters and paramedics.  I am the odd duck out.  I married an accountant.  But I must say he's got the "sexy tractor/farmer" thing that they don't got...hehe  :-)  I still love you Joe!
In any case, the kiddos had a great time...thanks Grandpa Lee for showing us around  :-)  I can not express my gratitude enough towards these firefighters who, day in and day out, put their own lives on hold (and many times at risk) to help save and protect others.  They are America's True American Hero's indeed!
 Macy and her Hero.

Dad explaining to Zach what all these buttons and gauges do.  He was FASCINATED!  
This kid loves firetrucks!
As you can see Dad's having a pretty good time showing the kiddos the inside of an ambulance.  Let's hope they do not need to get back inside one again anytime soon.  no.  seriously!  
Climbin' in the water rescue boat.
Lauren and McKenzie looking around.
Not sure if you can tell here or not...but Macy is sportin' her fancy LIFENET t-shirt.  If you recall, She was transported via the amazing LifeNet team from Lakeside to Children's when she was only 48 hours old.  She's kind of an "alum" I'd guess you'd say.
The big kids climb into the cab of the big truck.
McKenna and Hannah strike a pose.
Tryin' to get a group shot...but Dylan could not take his eyes off of Little Miss Macy.  So sweet!
He really got her laughing  :-)
Here's another good group shot (well minus Dylan) - but I love it!    :-)
The twins checking out the ladders from a distance.
More "Brother & Sister love".  How SWEET IS THIS SHOT!?!?
McKenna is such a caring big sister.  She sure does look out for her baby brother.  This poor little guy has been through SO much this past year.  Way more than any four year should have to go through.  After seeing several specialists and neurologists, it has been determined that Zach has a rare form of epilepsy that has no known cause and is very difficult to control.  Not exactly the kind of news that puts his parents at ease.  But Lynette are Doug are amazing and strong and they do and will continue to do everything they can to see to it that Zach gets the proper care he needs.  We love you Zach and we are all praying for you each and every day!  I am just so glad that our visit to the firehouse was free of complications for this little guy.  He was truly able to enjoy himself!  I am sure his mom was so glad for this  :-)
Lynette giving Zach a boost into the driver's seat.  Dad let all the kids sound the LOUD siren!
oh and I should add...not only were the kids wow'd by the fire stuff, Mike Morton parked his race car out front while he was inside having a meeting.  the kids thought that was pretty cool.  oh and then a train went by.  the U.P. train tracks are right next door.  firetrucks.  trains.  race cars.  What more could a kid ask for.  haha!  Now we just need a John Deere tractor to come driving down the street.
They wanted to climb back into the water rescue boat one last time...I think this was the girls' favorite part.  Probably thinking about all the "ray's" that could be caught on this cozy boat.  Not exactly what this is intended for, but it could be FUN!
I tried to get a nice shot of me and the girls on the back of the fire truck.   hmm.  well, not exactly how I planned it.  But it's as good as it's gonna get.  Plus, it was starting to get SUPER hot!  nice face Kenzie, thanks for playing along  :-(
I have sooo many wonderful memories growing up as a small town volunteer firefighter's daughter.  This Waterloo Fire Department was a major part of much of my childhood.  I always thought it was so cool to hang around at the station with my dad and all the other kids whose parents were on the department.  Fireman's picnics, pancake breakfasts, the men always having to leave neighborhood gatherings at top speed as soon as the town's whistle blew, Dad rarely making it through a dinner without the scanner going off.  I used to LOVE listening to that scanner and hearing about each of the calls as they were happening, whether it was a house fire, a car accident or whatever, we were in the know. oh the DRAMA!  who needed TV right?  Things are quite a bit different these days!  :-( 
Thanks again Grandpa!

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