The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 28, 2010

Great Grandpa & Baby Grant!

Me and the girls were super excited to finally get to go meet my dear friend Lauren's new little man Grant.  He is 2 weeks old!!  He also has big brother (2 yr old) Thomas to keep up with  :-)
Here's a little card I made for him.
Grant, McKenzie & Macy
I think these two are going to be good friends.
Here's to future playdates my friend!   :-)

Since we were already way could we not pay Great Grandpa Salisbury an impromptu visit?
Macy chillin' on Grandpa's tummy...we woke him up from a nap, but he didn't seem to mind the interruption  :-)
blowing raspberries
Mckenzie was being silly and giving Great Grandpa high fives.
but he was being much sillier and telling jokes...Great Grandpa was in great spirits today and was really happy and talkative during our entire visit.  He was, as always sad to see us go...  :-(
okay, this was you know, Great Grandpa served in the Navy and now lives at the Vet's Nursing home.  Naturally they have a few flags on display throughout the building.  McKenzie runs towards these, stands very still and tells me that if she stands high, tall and quietly then she ca be just like the flags,  cool, mommy huh?
After our morning visits, McKenzie still had a little bit of energy to burn, so I encouraged her to run around the front lawn at the nursing home.  She was having a ball.  I was happy, because this meant that she was getting nice and warn out...this may lead to a successful naptime very shortly...  hehe
Catching butterflies and picking wild flowers.
She spotted a loud jet flying overhead.  It's probably landing at Offutt Air Force Base, which is nearby.
fun day  :-)
And oh yeah.  One final note.  We got a text message from Uncle Ja this morning.  Bethany's WATER BROKE around 4:45am.  All is going well and his latest update was that everything was going great and progressing according to plan.  YIPPEE!  I am SOO glad to hear this news.  Please keep Bethany and her precious babies in your thoughts and prayers today.  I pray that all continues to go well and that Bethany and the babies are healthy and strong especially considering they are arriving a little earlier than anticipated.  All-in-all, however, Bethany is a CHAMP for carrying them as long as she has.  Being on bed rest for over a month could NEVER be easy.  But she was amazingly patient & kept herself as calm as possible.  way to go Bethany.  
Sooo...I'm gonna be an auntie again!!  Can't wait to find out of they are boys, girls or a boy/girl combination  :-)  Oh he anticipation!!!

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  1. Sherri, I'm not sure exactly how I stumbled across your blog, but I'm a friend/co-worker of Bethany's. I'm so glad you shared about her at the end of this post. What exciting news, I hadn't heard this yet.

    I enjoy reading about your journeys and the photos of the girls. I've heard many wonderful stories about them from Bethany.