The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 3, 2010

Estes Day 3 (Bear Lake with the Buderus fam)

After getting the Acadia high-centered in the cabin's circle drive (not my finest hour - feel free to ask me about it sometime)  :-( we drove back into RMNP to go for a hike around Bear Lake.  I was sooo excited to meet up with one of my BEST friends from college.  I was roommates with Heather all four years.  I do not get to see her too often as she lives in Ohio, but she was coincidentally visiting her family in her hometown of Kersey, CO this very same we happened to actually be in the same state of course we HAD to meet up!
She is expecting baby #2!  We are all SOO excited for her and Keith.  They are great parents  :-)  Can't wait to find out what they are having.  Just a couple more weeks  :-)
Me, Heather & Macy...McKenzie wasn't ready to cooperate just yet.  She was playing shy and being crabby.
As soon as she and Brody spotted a chipmunk they were OFF!
"Where did it go?  Do you see it?"
"There it is!"
Brody leading the pack.  It was so cute.  He kept saying "come on McKenzie".  
They've both got there hiking and diggin-in-the-dirt sticks  :)
Me and my prince of almost 8 YEARS!  :-)
Heather's parents (Julie and Dan) came up to Bear lake too.  What a great shot!
As did her super cute sister Ashley  :-)
McKenzie "pretending to fall"  what a little drama queen!
Brody thought that looked like fun, so he joined in!
I love the expression on his face, too cute!
Plotting out the next direction.  Let's go this way!
Aww, Mommy & her boy  :-)  Do you see his ball?  He takes this ball and his bat everywhere!  too funny!  And of course, it's got to be a Yankees bat...I'm sure her mom had nothing to do with that.
Doesn't she just look thrilled.
There, that's a little better!
She has a LOT more fun when Brody climbs up on the big rock.
Wow, look at you guys standing on big rocks!  Impressive.
Our little explorer getting close to the stream.
uh oh, "I've got something in my finger nail".
This was funny, they were fighting over who got to put there hands on the each of the paws.
McKenzie's turn.
Brody's turn!  Check out that face...ha.
yeah for fun family photos  :-)
Julie and her girls.  Cute picture!!
Life is good   :-)

After Bear Lake, we ate some lunch back at Poppies with the Buderus family.    mmmm.  It was SOOO nice to see all of them, thanks for coming out to see us!!  made for a much more fun day  :-)

We were pooped and decided to take a long Sunday Drive (went up towards Long's Peak).  very relaxing.  After a short nap back at the cabin, we decided that we have enough site seeing for a while and thought it would be fun to go to a movie.  Toy Story 3 was playing at the local Estes Park movie plex.  SOO fun, what a great movie!!  Both girls really enjoyed it.  I'm pretty sure Joe enjoyed it the most, as this was his first experience taking McKenzie to see a movie on the big screen - she sat on his lap the whole time - and share a HUGE bag 'o' popcorn.  It also worked out perfect, because just as we were in the movie a big storm was taking place outside.  Funny how things work out just as they are supposed to.
The next morning we packed up the car and ventured home.  It took a LOT longer to drive home (upwards of 10 hours) as it was daytime.  Which meant many more pit-stops.  Macy eating breaks and McKenzie potty breaks.  uggggh.  Below is a picture of one of our western Nebraska stops. 
WOW.  This buffalo was made of barbed-wire.  cool?  sure  :-)  why not take a picture...
Luckily the iPad was able to keep McKenzie entertained for a quite a while.  He she is playing with this really fun Toy Story 3 App.  This is a coloring book feature.  AWESOME!
Unfortunately she got bored with this after a while, and nothing really made her happy.  
The last 2 hours of our road trip were terrible, I was never more happy to finally get home!  Sad the trip was over but soo GLAD to be home  :-)

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