The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 17, 2010

Girls Night Out & Swim Party

Last Wednesday, while Joe, McKenzie and Macy were bunkered down in the basement as a result of high winds and sounding tornado sirens, I was at Cheesecake Factory for a Girls Night out with my friends from our DS Supermom's group...I stole a couple photos from Casie's blog (actually all the pics for this post are courtesy of Casie :-) I hope she doesn't mind!
pre-dinner (me, Megan & Jessie - Buffy and Dana right behind us)
during dinner...thanks for the lovely "pigging out" shot Case!  haha
Last night we had a great time at Lifetime fitness for a swim party.  The ODSPN D.A.D.S group (Dad's Appreciating Down Syndrome) hosts several events, this is our first one.  We can't wait to attend more! (again, I have to credit Casie for the wonderful photos  :-)
Joe and Macy getting ready to head into the water!
This is Jessie (with Wesley), Megan (with Tessa) and Jamie (with Francesca).
I just LOVE talking and connecting with the other parents, they are all soo nice and supportive.  Most of all, I LOVE watching all the kiddos running around and having a great time.  Here me and Macy are flirting with baby Wesley.  What a heart-breaker that boy already is  :-)
The party started outside, but sadly rain and thunder forced everyone to the indoor pool.  bummer!  oh well, we still had a fun time!
Jen and soon-to-be-big-brother Brady! 
The Cogua family - Fransesca, Jamie, Fernando and Mateo.
I could not help but be super excited to be here, in this same place as all of these wonderful people.  I loved watching the kids play.  I may be silly, but to be perfectly honest, I was especially drawn to and loved meeting some of these young girls with Down Syndrome.  They were all just precious and beautiful in their cute swimsuits and were having SOOO much fun.  It sincerely warmed my heart and made me excited for what's to come  :-)

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