The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 9, 2010

Our little Gerber Baby

Now that Little Miss Macy is 6 whole months old, she is ready for some solids!  Mommy's Milk is just too boring for Macy now.  This girl needs variety!
We took these pics a couple weeks ago...
Big Sister McKenzie says "Open Wide little baby"
She did great!
"Whoa, what IS this strange stuff??"
A little full!  I'm not sure if she liked it too much, but she didn't hate it (I suppose we'd KNOW if she hated it)  She kept it all down, so that's a good start  :-)
Now that she has mastered watered down rice cereal, what's next?  baby steps, next week we are going to try out some indian food from Jaipur (mommy's favorite!).

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