The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 15, 2010

Farewell Breakfast

WOW is all I can say!!  I am deeply touched by the amazing breakfast party my fellow co-workers put together for me.  40 of my wonderful colleagues had secretly prepared a lovely meal in "Cafe 111.  (BUMMER, I wish I had my camera!!).  And in true SKAR-fashion, it was a very classy setup, with a sausage & bacon casserole, cheesy potatoe casserole, bagels, muffins, fruit try, key lime pies, and to top it all off MIMOSA's and flowers!  It was deliciously scrumptious, but most importantly it was heart-warming.  I appreciated all the hugs and kind words of support and encouragement. 

check out the BIG 10x13 card (I snapped a pic with my iPhone):

They also gave me a very thoughtful momento to take home.  Thanks guys!

As you know, I love it here, and I will miss (most) everything about SKAR.  I have to say "most", because I am of course a human being afterall.  It is not "human" to really love everything about a job.  Of course, with any job, and in every company, there are challenges and sources of frustration.  But at least, in the big scheme of things, I can honestly say I loved it here.
SKAR, you will be missed.  But you're not getting rid of me that easily, I will come back and visit on occasion.  Especially, perhaps on Jaipur Fridays  :-)  Of all of my fellow SKARface co-workers, I will miss Jenn the most.  Jenn, I want you to know you are an inspiration to me.  You have, so far, given SKAR more than 13 years of your expertise.  You are SOO loyal, so smart and have taught me so much about this industry, but most importantly you are caring, genuine and sincere.  Thank you for being my BEST SKAR FRIEND!  You won't be "missed" because I know we will keep in touch always!  I will, however, miss walking by your office each day and seeing your cheery face.  :-(

Yesterday I had my last official "media lunch"...these might be what I miss the most about my role of planner/buyer.  I truly value the partnerships and friendships that have been formed with all of my media contacts.  Yesterday I had lunch with one my faves, Ruth. Ruth is an amazing lady.  I appreciate and respect so much about her.  She is a wonderful peson with a big heart and puts so much effort into her career (while maintaining a healthy balance of work/life).  I have always appreciated knowing that whenever we were taking business, she always kept the clients' needs in the forefront.  She never had a personal agenda.  This is, I am sure, why she is as successful as she is.
We went to California Pizza Kitchen.  It is actually ironic that we happened to have this luncheon scheduled and that we happened to eat at CPK.  You see, my first "media lunch" as a buyer was with Ruth and we ate at CPK.  Plus, CPK is closing it's doors here in Omaha this Sunday...eerie!  haha
On a different, but kind of similar note - I just remembered something...I will never forget the Eve of my high school graduation.  Several of us girls were having a sleepover at Julie's house.  As you could imagine, we had lots of fun and did lots of reminscing that night.  But the most awesome part of that night was chatting with Julie's mom.  You see, Mrs. Burnett also happened to be my Kindergarten teacher.  How many people can honestly say that they had the opportunity to reminisce, share stories and sleepover at their kindergarten teacher's house the night before graduating high school?  Not many I'm sure.  Only in "small-town" USA!  :-)  Plus, she is the COOLEST lady, all the boys had (and probably still have) crushes on her.  She not only told me about ME, she also shared some funny and sweet stories about all of my she taught all of them as well.   Super Special!  Thanks Mrs. Burnett (now Anderson), that is a memory I will never forget and always treasure   :-)
Okay, so I better get back to finalizing a few final work projects.  I also need to finish cleaning out my office.  Uggh...It is crazy how much stuff one accumulates of the course of 4+ years.  I really personalized it and "made it my own".  Kind of sad, the walls are bear.  :-(  I sort of feel like a kid on the last day of school cleaning out my locker.  I'm gonna miss this office.

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