The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 20, 2010

Baby Bathing in the Bumbo!

Macy has been doing so well sitting in the Bumbo chair lately, that I thought it would be fun to try and give her a bath in it...she LOVED it!  It is so perfect...and it makes it so much easier for me  :-)
Per her physical therapist's request, I took a few photos.  She was impressed to hear that Macy was doing so well with this  :-)  Her entire Early Intervention team continues to be amazed and ecstatic with Macy's strength and determination...Each week they give us a few more things to work on.  We are still focusing on her upper/middle body strength in hopes of her crawling & sitting up soon :-)  Slowly but surely!  Oh & I've gotta say, big sister McKenzie has been such an awesome, teacher, coach and cheerleader!  She is Macy's biggest FAN!!
how do you NOT love all those rolls?  :-)
Gotta just love Johnson & Johnson's "Bed Time" Bath Wash.  nothing better than the sweet sweet scent of a lavendar kissed baby...yum.  :-)
do you think she's having a good time yet??
She was having so much fun, I think she could have played in the water all day!  :-)  But we've got to hurry up because we are on the way to our friend Janessa's house for a playdate!!  And then...we  have to go to the grocery store, followed by a quick visit to Children's Hospital to drop a gift off to our friend, 10 month old Evie, who just had brain surgery.  Then we want to get home to have enough time to make dinner for a couple special families.  Our neighbor Kris just had another Chemo treatment today, so some of us neighbors are taking turns delivering meals(thanks for coordinating this effort Lynn!).  I decided to double the batch and take some down the street to Ja and Bethany too...she is still on bed rest waiting for those twins to be born...any day now really.  Please continue to keep her and those babes in your prayers!
What a wonderful day!  Now, if only I can somehow get the 3-year old to go down for night-night without screaming her lungs out at the top of the stairs every night!!  :-(  it's starting to wear me down...what more do you want kid?  We've read 6 books!  That.  Is.  It.  Luckily she usually gets the hint after about 10 minutes...but that makes for a LOONG 10 minutes!  :-(
Speaking of the 3 year old, Joe snapped this funny pic of Kenzie taking a bath the other day.  FUNNY!!!


  1. OMG...those I think are the CUTEST pics I have ever seen of a little babe taking a bath! Good Job Macy on getting SO strong!

  2. It's a mini spa for baby! Too cute - I will have to share the idea with my sister for her 3 mth old. Love the pic of Mackenzie and her hair - I always loved to do that with Jenna when she was little. Have a great day! Lisa Glidden