The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 6, 2010

6 Months!

Oh my GOODNESS...Our sweet princess turned six months old this past Monday (6.28).  Nothing too significant to report from her six month well-baby check.  She weighed in at 14lbs 2oz.    :-)   very healthy baby girl!  for this we are grateful.

Macy must have known it was her 1/2 birthday because she all of the sudden started doing and learning soo many new things.
She continues to surprise and amaze us each and every day.  It is so fun to watch her roll around the room, from one side to the is actually quite hilarious to see her get herself into a predicament of which she needs our assistance to get out of (wrapping her little body around her jumparoo legs for example and getting herself stuck- haha - sorry, but it IS funny  :-).  She doesn't cry or get frustrated, she just patiently waits for someone to come to her rescue. 
We are all so very proud of her progress.  She has to work so hard just to get to that next milestone. 

It is also super rewarding to hear her early intervention team expressing their excitement and delight towards Macy and all of her BIG achievements.  Speaking of her "team", she has a great one! 
Renae - Special Education teacher
Lucy - Occupational Therapist (Primary Service Provider)
Penny - Physical Therapist
Kathy - Speech Therapist
Shelli - E.I. Services Coordinator.
These gals continue to visit and work with Macy on Friday mornings.  I look forward to this time as it is SPECIAL, high quality, "get-down-on-the-floor-and-play" MACY TIME!  As most parents can relate, this is easier said than done with each additional child.  I recall doing this ALL the time with McKenzie, but honestly if we didn't have these wonderful ladies coming over to the house, I am not sure that we would be doing this as much as we are, they give us productive direction and advice.  And let me tell you, I appreciate their input and insights VERY much!  It allows me and Joe to feel as though we are doing "something".  There is no worse feeling as a parent than "helplessness" and at least this makes us feel a little less helpless.  I can only believe that we are making a "long-term" difference!
 Here Lucy chats with Macy, as you can see Toby's got to be in the "know".  he looks out for her!  Or perhaps he's just an attention-hog, but Macy doesn't care...
Lucy pulling Macy up with her hands...check out that head and neck control.  could be a little stronger, but all-in-all VERY GOOD!!  
Macy is proud of herself...can't you tell?
she loves her "play-time".
Always engaged into what Miss Fish has to say  :-)
 "Look at me sitting up like a big girl"...just need a little extra support (okay a lot)  :-)
 "But I'm getting BETTER and BETTER every day, huh Lucy!"
 She has found and plays with her feet, which was another milestone she achieved recently.  Up until a few weeks ago, due to low muscle tone, she laid pretty flat to the ground.  With a few "positioning techniques" she has can pull up her arms and find her feet all on her own! 
tummy-time.  As you can see Lucy is holding her hands firmly on her tailbone, this keeps her a bit more grounded and prevents her legs feet from flying high into the air.  strengthening her core.
If this isn't the look of determination I don't know what is?!?
Now that Macy can bring her arms and shoulders forward and is able to bear weight while on her tummy, Lucy is putting her arms under her chest to encourage Macy to straighten her arms to get some weight on her hands.  Once we master this, she will be getting a little closer to being able to crawl  :-)  Her legs are (and have been) ready to GO...her upper body just needs to catch up a bit!

Also - Now that she is holding her head up pretty well, we have been giving her baths while sitting in her bumbo chair.  She LOVED it!!!  I'll have to take a picture and post another time  :-)
Oh...and lot's not forget about her big sister...McKenzie is also achieving several "milestones" of her own.  Aside from the randomn "3-year old" temper tantrums (please Lord don't make me get into that - we are working through this), she is actually a pretty good, well adjusted girl.  She is potty-trained, but still needs some positive reinforcement to keep her motivated (especially when it comes to Bowel movements) she has a little battle with constipation as of late.   uggh  poor thing!  So we came up with and made this "Potty Rewards Chart" together. 
  she enjoyed the impromptu arts & craft time.
 Here's the finished product!  Not exactly the decor I had envisioned for the main floor guest bathroom, but it's going to have to DO for a while.
She's pretty proud when she goes on the potty...and loves being able to pick out her stickers and place them on her chart  :-)  It's starting to get filled up!  She even let cousin Brook and Ally put a few stickers on her board the other day.


  1. Love your "Potty Rewards Chart"!
    My Zachary had all of those teachers coming to our home starting when he was 6 months. I remember that the PT was named Penny...could it be the same one? Zach is 18 now!
    I loved all of the support staff we had all of those years. I loved having homework to do with him, it helped me be stronger...having that team of experts behind us!
    Lovely blog today!

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