The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 28, 2010

A letter from Grandpa Lee (LESSON 1)

It was soo hot yesterday, that we thought it was a perfect day to check in and check out some books at the Good Old Waterloo library.  
Here is a pic from a couple visits ago of Grandpa Lee reading "The Giving Tree" to Macy.
"iPhone pic"

Since we were in the neighborhood why not pay dear old Grandpa Lee a little visit.  Just as we were getting ready to go home, Dad handed me this letter, accompanied by a couple stories...or "lessons" if you will.  It was so beautiful and sweet, I thought I'd share :-)  I got a little teary eyed retyping it.


Hey Sherri and Joe

First of all
For letting me hang out with Macy!!!
She teaches me
I'm learning so much

I wanted to capture some of my Macy Encounters on paper for a long time.
But a thousand not right words were scratched out
A hundred sheets of paper squished and balled up.
There are so many things I don't know
So many things I'll never understand
I didn't know what to write.

Until Macy told me what was the right write.

Grandpa Nanny School:  Lesson 1

Sit down beside me Grandpa
Don't cry.
Don't even try
To figure out why

You ain't no Einstein
I'll keep it simple
Here's what you need to know
We'll start with my Dimple

I am a little Girl
As I smile and frown
And roll around
I am a little Girl
as I laugh and coo
Scold and chew out you

I am a little Girl
My baby shampoo
My poop like buttered popcorn       (haha - this is an inside joke  :-)

I am a little Girl
My cheeks between your hands
Your kiss on my forehead

I am a little Girl
well maybe not
Only Toby dog does that.

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