The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 24, 2011

What has big sis McKenzie been up to lately??

Summer is officially here and our regularly scheduled weekly activities (school, gymnastics, bible study, Moms & Little Ones group, just to name a few) have come to an end.  So why the heck has this last week been crazier than ever!?!  urrrrgh.  
oh well.
I wanted to share a little thank you card I made for McKenzie's teachers as part of their end of year "appreciation" gift.  It has pics from her first day of school to her last day  :-)  She grew up SOO much in such a short amount of time.  Her school experience has certainly matured her a lot!
She asked this morning if she could go to school today.  "I miss my friends and Mrs. Seigh" she said.  She also said she misses playing with the glue & scissors already.  As you can imagine, those are not exactly easily accessible items in the Harnisch Household.  :-)

Here's a short list of a few recent "McKenzie-isms" that come to mind.
After pre-school one day.
McKenzie:  "Mom, I want Rockstar shoes".  Me: "And just what exactly ARE rockstar shoe's?".  Kenzie:   "A girl in my class has some and I want some just like hers".
she went on to describe various features of them...yikes, here we go!  Is this really starting already??  :-(
several weeks ago, McKenzie was not behaving and did not do as she was told, so Dad told her as a result they were not going to go outside and work on the new playset after dinner.  Her and Joe went round and round, when finally we decided it would be best to simply ignore her all together.  After several minutes of her being a broken, whiny record "I want to go outside"!...I stepped in and said to her firmly:  "McKenzie, dad already told you the REASON you are not going outside after dinner".  She responded calmly and rather matter of fact:  "Well...I threw Dad's REASON IN THE TRASH".
Let's just say we had no words  :-)  that little miss smarty-pants!
She is quite the negotiator and is constantly trying to better her position.  Whenever I use the phrase "you can only have a little-bit"...she responds "how about a BIG-BIT"!  Or when I say "we're only going to stay "for a little-bit"...she replies "how about for a LONG-BIT".  "Is that an idea mommy?"
oh that's an idea all right!
She has started throwing some of MY phrases back at me when I am sad or mad.  Not quite sure they are helpful, but I do appreciate her thoughtful efforts at making me feel better.
When I have doubts about things:  she'll say "Momma - Don't Worry be Happy"
When I tell her I am mad at her:  "Momma, Don't get Mad - Get Glad"
When I am disappointing or frustrated - which can be often:  "Turn that frown UPside down"
 When she sees me shedding a tear:  "Mom, don't be sad, be GLAD!  
with a large emphasis on GLAD...
She makes it very clear to everyone that she does not drink pop. (I'm pretty proud of this actually)
If someone offers her pop, she'll tilt her head, scrunch her face and say:   "Kids don't drink pop SILLY!"  :)  She'll correct them and say that she drinks milk, water or juice.   "Because they make me big & strong".  atta girl!
The other day, in the car, she had her pink sunglasses on and I had mine on.  She could see mine in the rear-view mirror and told me that my black trendy shades were NOT very pretty at all.  I told her that was NOT nice to say, and that if she does not have anything nice to say than she should not say anything at all.  
So she went on to say "okay, well yours are just very pretty"...but mine are very, very very, VERY, very, VEry, veRY, very, (+50 more times) pretty. 
NICE!  :-(
I think we're going to have our hands full with this one!
Macy, cover those ears!
It may be too late I'm afraid...she already very much looks up to her big sis.  Mimic's and laughs at everything Kenzie does.  oh great!  :-(  tehe
I took her back into the pediatric dermatologist again the other day.  Those pesky itchy & scratchies are back at it! :(  Poor thing just can't catch a break.  She has just NEVER ever had that baby soft skin (Macy seems to be exact opposite in this regard - which is good, but ironic actually)
Apparently she has a hereditary condition called Keratosis Pilaris.  It's genetic, common and has no cure.  BUMMER!  Bothersome? yes...Harmful? No...So we'll just keep treating with various creams, etc...per docs orders forever I guess.  Now, if only these creams could be free...  On top of that, She also has a minor case of Atopic Dermatitis/excema in certain areas.  grrrr.  she handles it quite well though.   We keep her plenty moisturized and "protected" from the elements.
Can't believe our little Miss McKenzie is almost Four.  Yep, June 4th is JUST around the corner.  YIKES!
Here's a little glimpse at what her B-Day Party invites to our looked like (no big "macy-style 1-yr bash", just a small quaint gathering of our 40 closest family members).
I modified it slightly for "blog-purposes"...we don't want any party CRASHERS after all!  hehe   j.k.

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